5 Healthy Meal Preps

5 Healthy Meal Preps

Healthy eating seems to be difficult for so many. A more significant part of that aside from money is not having enough time. The regular 9 to 5 grind keeps us on our toes, and that's just a portion of our life. One of the keys to success with healthy eating is healthy meal preps! 

Planning and preparing meals ahead of the game will have you on your way to eating right in no time. Instead of rushing out during your lunch break for some fast food, you can be relaxing with a delicious dish that's going to provide so much more than a greasy stain on your shirt.

If you're intimidated or uncomfortable with cooking, there are loads of tricks to help you get delicious results anyway! Are you ready for meal prep?

1. Meat Three Ways: Lean meat like chicken is a healthy choice. You can save time with your meal prep by making chicken three ways in one pan. The clean-up is easy, and the flavors are banging. Use aluminum foil as dividers in the pan. Choose your three flavor season blends, and there you have it. Then when it's time to toss your meals together, you've got a variety to choose from rather than one flavor profile.

2. Freeze Blende Smoothies: Mornings can be rough for some of us. Sometimes it seems easier to head out and buy an energy drink, but wait! Take some time on a day off and whip up your favorite smoothie blends for the next week or two. Pour your smoothie mix into a muffin pan. Once they're completely frozen, pop them out, and toss them in a baggie. Now, in the morning, all you have to do is throw a few smoothie cups into a high-powered blender, and you're off!

3. Go To Veggie Town: Chop, dice, or spiralize your raw veggies in advance. When you get hangry in the evening, you'll save some precious time. A spiralizer will make spiralizing veggies a breeze. Zucchini noodles and butternut squash will stay fresh for 3 to 5 days if properly stored. Chopped vegetables like carrots, onion, and pepper can last about a week when stored properly. Once all your vegetables are prepped, you can refrigerate or freeze them and use them as needed.

4. Oatmeal Jars: Fiber-rich foods are ideal for holding you over until lunchtime. Avoid the instant packets because they contain so many added sugars and unnatural ingredients. Get a glass jar with a lid, toss in your oatmeal and your favorite blend, and it's ready to go. Add some hot water and let it infuse right before eating. This same technique works for salads on the go. Pro-tip, add the dressing right before you eat, or the salad will go soggy.

5. Portions: Eating healthy is all about the type of food and how much we eat. Using glass jars for our snack portions can help us avoid overeating. It's easy to munch on pretzels before you realize you've eaten them all in one shot. A little clear jar only holds so much, and you might feel some kind of way reaching for a second jar.

There are so many incredible meal prep ideas out there, making it difficult to choose only five. But five is a great place to get you started! We hope these meal prep ideas will help you along your healthy eating journey!

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