6 Mistakes People Make When Toning Their Arms

6 Mistakes People Make When Toning Their Arms

On a quest to losing those flabby arms? Whether it’s to look good in a tank top or just to simply feel more confident, toned arms are something both men and women alike aspire to achieve. If you’ve spent hours at the gym, and you’re still not making any significant progress than something is definitely wrong. In your crusade for well-sculpted arms, you could be making some simple mistakes that are likely preventing you from making progress. 

Take a look at the most common toning errors that gym goers tend to make:

  1. Performing Arm workouts Too Frequently

It’s important to know that working your arms out too frequently won’t help you tone them any faster. In fact, you could actually be hindering you’re progressing. The muscles located in the arm are some of the smallest muscles compared to the other major muscle groups in the body.  So they’ll need to have adequate rest in between training. If you don’t give the arm muscles enough time to recover it will have an negative impact on strength gains. Also, you won’t have enough to strength for upper body workouts that target the chest, back and shoulders. 

  1. Placing Too Much Emphasis on Bicep Curls

Unless you’re looking to drastically enhance the size and definition of your arms for a bodybuilding competition, you can take it easy on the bicep curls. You can get the same benefit from push exercises like shoulder presses, chest presses and push-ups which are more beneficial and engages your other upper body muscles. 

  1. Doing Your Reps Too Fast

Of course, muscle building workouts can be a pain in the butt so it makes sense that you’ll want to get them over with as quickly as possible. Speeding through your rep won’t give you the strength gains you’re after and you won’t lose that stubborn arm fat. The goal should be to aim for at least a 1-2 second contraction when you’re in the eccentric phase or the downward motion of a rep. 

  1. Focusing On Just One Muscle

The arms are comprised of four muscles. If you tend to the same exercises you won’t be challenging all of the muscle groups in the arms which is imperative for sculpting your arms and losing fat in this area.

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