7 Signs Your Body Is Screaming for A Detox

7 Signs Your Body Is Screaming for A Detox


Are you hanging on for dear life? We’ve all had that moment, where we realize that our body is functioning on toxic overload. While the body naturally detoxifies itself on a continuous basis, in this world we’re exposed to countless of health affecting toxins. In fact, it’s in the air we breathe, in the food and water we consume as well as chemical products. We also constantly pass off bacteria to each other. Never-ending exposure to toxins eventually affects our overall physical health and mental well-being.


Check out these seven signs that your body is in desperate need of a detox:


  1. Extreme Fatigue

Coffee and energy drink no longer doing the trick? Most of us lead busy lives and this can make fatigue very difficult to cope with in every aspect of our lifestyle. If you’re always feeling drained then it's time to address the root of the problem. Several studies have shown that performing a detox on your body can drastically increase energy levels. For instance, one case study revealed that removing mercury and other toxins like pesticides are closely linked to improving fatigue.


  1. Recurring Skin Problems

Have you been breaking out lately? No doubt, skin complications can be frustrating and they can wear on your self-confidence. Recurring skin issues such as rashes, dry patches and bumps is an indication of a build-up of bacteria and toxins in the liver which is the body’s main detoxifying organ.


3.Brain Fog

Believe it or not, toxins can also affect your brain health. If you’re finding it difficult to concentrate or experiencing memory loss and mood swings this likely signals a need to detox. Regular exposure to toxins like; alcohol, drugs, fuel,  mold or cleaning products will wear on the brain’s protective barrier. This results in inflammation which eventually reaches the brain.


  1. Constipation

Over time the liver gets overwhelmed with the things that we consume on a regular basis such as prescription medication, foods in high sugar and fat content. This affects the digestive system resulting and bloating and constipation. A detox can relieve such symptom and cleanse the liver.


  1. Cravings

Have you been craving sugary and fatty foods? Usually, such cravings are a result of taking in too much concentrated and processed foods that aren’t healthy. This neurotransmitter activates the dopamine levels which are responsible for stimulating the sense of pleasure. Detoxifying your body serves as a reset which helps eliminate constant cravings for bad food.


  1. Bad Breath

Bad breath accompanied by a yellowish or white coating on the tongue is a common sign of a build-up of toxins within the body.    While some bacteria is completely normal, too many bacteria that results in this thick coating on the tongue is caused by a bad liver or poor gastrointestinal health in which detox can be helpful.


  1. Trouble Losing Weight

Finding it difficult to lose weight? Detox can be instrumental in jump-starting lifestyle changes. My BodyMaxx full body detox should also be a tool in your arsenal since it boosts the metabolism.


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