Do Waist Slimmers Work For Plus-Size Women

Do Waist Slimmers Work For Plus-Size Women


When it comes to losing weight or enhancing the shape of a fuller woman there are many products available on the market. In recent years, the waist trainer has gained much popularity. You see them being sported on hot celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian other popular influencers on social media. Are they ideal for the plus size woman?


Choosing the Right Sized Waist Slimmer

Perhaps the biggest challenge of waist training for the plus size figure is finding a slimmer that fits perfectly. Getting the right size is important because you’ll want to select a trainer that best compliments your body and is comfortable for extended wear. To ensure that you purchase the appropriate size you’ll need to take measurements of your waist. You can record your waist measurements by using a tape measuring device. Be sure to start at the narrowest parts of your waist which are a few inches above your belly button.


As a general rule of thumb, if you’re in doubt regarding a specific size, it’s best to always size up rather than going down. There’s always the option of tightening the waist trainer up if it fits too small. On the other hand, if you order a slimming belt that's a size smaller, more than likely you’ll be very uncomfortable and you won’t get the best results.


Best Material Waist Slimmer for Plus Size Woman?

Waist trimmers are made from a variety of materials and they are available in two main styles; cinchers and corsets.  Cinchers and corsets can be purchased in varying materials which include:


Latex: Latex waist slimmers are typically used as a workout band, vest or a slimmer for everyday use.

Steeled Bone - A steel bone corset is also available in different styling options. Some steel boned corsets can be worn as outerwear.


Satin and Lace-up - Satin slimmers are ideal to wear under clothes because their smooth foundation makes it seamless under clothes.  Lace-up slimmers can be purchased in underbust or overbust. An underbust style will give you the best slimming effect and it’s great to wear under clothes.


Does Waist Training Work for Fuller Women?

When it comes to waist training, size doesn’t matter. My Body Maxx quality waist trainer can help a plus size woman reach her body goals while creating an appealing hourglass figure. In order to reap weight loss benefits of a sweat belt it’s important to follow an exercise and healthy eating regimen.


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