Does Trying Harder Actually Work? What We Found Is Going To Shock You!

Does Trying Harder Actually Work? What We Found Is Going To Shock You!

We are often encouraged to try harder when things get tough. That seems logical, but is it really? Trying “harder” might actually be counterproductive. Sometimes trying harder at what we’re already trying hard to do doesn’t actually increase our likelihood of success.

If you’re not getting the results you’re looking for, quit trying harder. It’s better to step back and analyze things. Take a look at your goals and any strategies you’ve been using to reach these goals. Instead of banging your head against the wall and trying harder, try something new. Adjust the approach you’ve been taking and shift your energy and results by changing the activities, behaviors, environment, and mindset.

When you recognize that you’ve not put in the effort, you could’ve, ask yourself what it would take for you to be more committed, and then work on that. For those times when you genuinely have put in all of your efforts, you have to look and see what’s in the way, keeping you from reaching your goals. 

Try to see if you can try a different approach. Suppose you’re working on losing extra weight, and you’ve been full-force into working out; however, you’re not eating the best diet. You can make the necessary changes to help you get the results you want. Why try harder at the gym when the energy needs to go elsewhere?

So, what can we do if we’re not supposed to keep trying harder? Focus on these things:

  • Motivations: What is the “why” behind what you’re doing? Consider what started this journey, reevaluate if necessary, and switch the angle. Sometimes, it’s all about remembering why!
  • Perspective: You are the captain of this journey and the key to your destiny. Keep things in perspective and internalize the fact that YOU chose this path, and you did it for a reason.
  • Measure: Measure not only your success, but what gets you on the road to reaching your goals as well. Knowing what motivates us gives us the power to keep pushing!
  • Question: Be bold and ask the tough questions you don’t want to answer. Keep a critical eye on how you do things and move towards the answers you need. Why are you on this journey? What can you do to change or improve? Are these things your own fault?
  • Goals: How do you know where you’re going if you don’t have a heading or destination? Set goals, you don’t have to like the idea of it, but it truly is beneficial in life.
  • Relax: We know it sounds counterproductive but hear us out. We require being in a good mental mindset, and stressing out will help us accomplish that. The tough stretches can be challenging, but we require having the right attitude to sustain ourselves ultimately.

Try! Make an effort in the best ways you can, and you will succeed. Trying too hard causes so many negative emotions, and we don’t think it works for everyone. Not that you shouldn’t try hard; instead, don’t waste your effort over-trying! It doesn’t feel good, and it’s honestly more counterproductive than trying at all.


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