Finding That Mid-Year Motivation To Get Back on Track

Finding That Mid-Year Motivation To Get Back on Track

We have all experienced a lack or loss of motivation to do things. Whether it’s creating art, learning new languages, sticking to routines, or exercising and working out.

You’re not alone! And, we’re here to help you find that mid-year motivation to get back on track with your personal fitness goals.

Stop Thinking of It As Exercise

Sometimes exercise loses its appeal, causing us to stray away from it in search of something else that might help. Maybe it’s time to find activities that qualify as exercise (basketball, running, skiing, etc.), but they are things you have fun doing. Doing activities we enjoy doing makes the “exercise” fun; therefore, we look forward to doing it again.

Remember, there is no perfect activity for everyone. Suppose you prefer dancing or walking in the park, while for others, it’s CrossFit, Peloton, and Zumba; what works for you may not work for me.

Utilize Incentives

A mega study was published by researchers that tested the effectiveness of over 50 approaches to motivating people to exercise. Over 60 thousand members of the 24-Hour Fitness gym chain were offered a free audiobook, which gave participants something to look forward to while exercising.

If you don’t go to a gym, provide incentives for yourself.  Enjoy an episode of your favorite bingeworthy podcast while you work out; audiobooks are an excellent option. If you have a treadmill, watch an episode of your latest go-to series.

Exercise Should Be A Priority

The number one reason most people say they don’t exercise is that they don’t have the time. While that tends to be accurate, the only way to find the time is to make it by prioritizing fitness. Schedule it just as you would an important doctor, dentist, or mechanic visit.

If you can’t find space in your schedule, squeeze exercise in wherever possible. Little things like taking the stairs rather than using the elevator, walking to the shops nearby instead of driving, and moving when you can. 

When we consider exercising an option, we allow ourselves to skip or avoid it. Make it a priority, and it will become a healthy habit before you know it.

Exercise might be a priority, but it doesn’t require a rigid or hectic schedule. A 2020 study conducted by Dr. Milkman and several colleagues revealed that being flexible with yourself to meet your fitness goals can increase and boost your chances of succeeding.

Over 2,5000 Google employees, some being randomly assigned to get paid for going to the company gym during a specific time frame scheduled in advance. Rather than forming stronger fitness habits through committed schedules, the study revealed that those who were given flexibility continued their fitness journey even after the incentives ended.

Final Words

Create an environment that supports success rather than setting yourself up for failure. Cabinets stocked with junk food aren’t the best idea, so instead, fill them with healthier options. 

Anticipate how exercising makes you feel. While it might not feel so good when you initially get back into it, once the benefits start flowing, you start experiencing the positive effects.

If you fall or hop off the tracks again, that’s OK. Try to get back up and into your routines right away. We don’t want to completely lose our groove or the work we’ve put in thus far, right?

Finding what works best for you is one of the most vital parts of success. Motivation is sometimes hard to muster up. Consider getting something that makes you want to reach your goals. Maybe a waist trainer, fat cream, an outfit to work out in, or some new equipment.

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