Here's How To Get A Small Waist and Wide Hips

Here's How To Get A Small Waist and Wide Hips

Do you want your body to be shaped like a real life coke bottle? How many times have you prayed for a killer curvaceous body? Not all of us are born with the body of our dreams. These days most women would die for a tiny waist and wide hips. After all, it’s just downright sexy.  While it may see impossible to achieve, obtaining a small waistline and wide hips is possible. And we are going to show you how. 

Ditch The Fast Fix-Ups

When you’re on the journey to building your body, it's important to have the right mindset. When you’re trying to beat genetics, fast fixes won’t work. Ignore the claims of being ae to get an hourglass figure in a matter of days because that’s impossible. In reality, it can take months to get your desired body.

Take A Good Look At Your Body

On your journey to building a curvy frame, you’ll need to focus on the right places and areas of your body so that you can determine where you should gain or lose weight. If your current body fat range is between 35% - 45% you’ll need to start by focusing on losing a bit of weight in your midsection area.

Change Your Diet

To slim your waistline and make your hips wider you’ll need to switch up your diet. If you need to shed a few pounds, start by reducing  your daily calorie intake. Eating a balanced diet will gradually help you tone your waist. Wider hips and a small waist can be obtained by eating healthy fats. For a curvy body the recommended body fat percentage is 25%.

Say Yes to Body Shaping Garments

A body shaping garment like a waist trainer or slimmer can be super effective at contouring your body. A waist trainer can instantly make your waistline smaller while accentuating your hips and booty. Over time, when worn consistently a waist training garment can permanently shape and enhance your body.

Perform The Right Exercises 

What does your fitness routine look like? There are a plethora of exercises that you can do to sculpt your waist and make your hips wider. Exercises like side crunches, planks, and the pelvis scoop targets your lower body specifically the midsection. Ab rows is another exercise that trims the fat off the waist and strengthens your hip muscles. 

Although it's important to love your body for what it is, by simply making some lifestyle changes you can build an hourglass figure.

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