How To Choose The Best Waist Trainer

How To Choose The Best Waist Trainer

Choosing the best waist trainer for you and your body can seem like a difficult task. When it comes to choosing what’s right for you all you need to do is ask yourself a few questions and provide the best answers. It is important that you find something that works for your body, as well as, your goals. Let’s get down to it!

How To Choose A Waist Trainer

  • Figuring Out The Size You Need : You’re going to need the proper sized cincher. A cincher that’s too tight is going to be extremely uncomfortable to wear and a cincher that is too loose isn’t going to produce any results. All you have to do is use a tape measure to measure your waist in inches. This is typically done right above the navel. Be sure not to try and suck it in because this will result in an incorrect sizing. Once you have your size use the size charts to match sizes and make the purchase.
  • What Length Is Right For You? : The length of your toso should be measured in order to get a waist trainer that will fit your entire waist properly. If the length of your torso is between 9 - 11 inches you will need the standard size and for a torso that is smaller than that range you’ll require a short style.
  • What Style Are You Searching For? : If you’re only going to be wearing your waist trainer at the gym you’ll want one kind of cincher but if you’re going for a full work day wearing the waist trainer you’re going to require a different style. Once you know how you’ll be using the waist trainer you can pick a matching style. 
  • Choose Your Fabric : Both men’s waist trainers and women’s waist trainers come in a variety of fabrics. Cotton, satin, latex, and leather are all choices. You have to figure out when you’ll be wearing the waist trainer to pick the most appropriate material. If you’re wearing your waist trainer for a night out then you may want a satin fabric because they fair nicely with dresses.But, if you’re just going to the gym latex may be the best choice.
  • Overbust OR Underbust : Overbust waist trainers are better for women with larger bust sizes but aren’t going to be comfortable for long-term wear. Underbust waist trainers are great for long-term wear and aren’t as uncomfortable as the overbust. The overbust however, helps provide support for those of us with bigger chests.

  • There are two different types of waist trainers and those are the waist cinchers and corsets. Neither of those should be confused with a waist slimmer. Each of those items are worn a little bit differently and they all serve different purposes. Not all body types are created equal nor does each person have the same type of body goals they wish to achieve. 

    Finding a waist trainer that is right specifically for you is important. Do not try to order a waist trainer that is a size smaller than your waist line, it is going to be too tight and it will cause an undesirable discomfort. There have been many people who order the wrong sized waist trainer and after using it they assume it just isn’t something for them when the fact of the matter is it was the wrong size. Get what feels right for you! Your body your choice!

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