How To Improve Your Metabolism

How To Improve Your Metabolism

Our metabolism is a word used to describe all of the chemical reactions in our body. These chemical reactions are normal and necessary to keep our bodies alive and functioning. 

Metabolism and metabolic rate are often used interchangeably. Our metabolic rate is the number of calories we burn. The higher our numbers are, the more calories we burn, as well as it being easier to lose weight and keep it off.

Having a high-functioning metabolism helps provide us with a sufficient amount of energy and helps us feel better. We don't all have a high metabolism, so we've decided to share a few ways you can increase your metabolism, so it works better for you.

Pack In Protein

Eating increases our metabolism for a few hours. This is known as the thermic effect of food or TEF. It is caused by extra calories needed to digest, absorb, and process nutrients from our food.

Protein causes the most significant rise in our TEF, increasing the metabolic rate by 15-30% compared to the average 5-10% from carbs and 0-3% from fats. Consuming protein has also shown us that it makes us feel more full and prevents overeating.

Consuming more healthy protein can also help reduce the drop of the metabolism associated with losing fat. It reduces muscle loss which is a common side-effect of dieting.

Drink Cold Water

Water is life! When we consume more water than sugar-filled drinks, we're more successful at losing weight and keeping it that way. Replacing the calories from sugary beverages with water automatically reduces your caloric intake. It might also temporarily speed up your metabolism. Water is good but cold water can increase the effects even more significantly. Water also helps fill you up!

High-Intensity Workouts

HIITs or high-intensity workouts involve quick, intense bursts of activity with a moment of rest between. You can burn more fat by increasing the metabolic rate even after your intense workout is complete. Mixing up your regular exercise routine and adding a few high-intensity activities can definitely boost your metabolism and burn fat!


Lift Heavy Items

Our muscles are more metabolically active than fat is. Building muscle can help increase our metabolism. You can burn more calories every day, even during a day of rest. Lifting weights can help retain our muscles and combat the drop in metabolism that can take place during weight loss. Remember, higher amounts of muscle will result in a higher metabolism naturally.

Stand Up More Often

Sitting on our bum too often is bad for our health. Long periods of sitting burn fewer calories and only adds to weight gain. We've heard that an afternoon of standing up at work can burn as much as over 170 calories! If you're stuck behind a desk or sitting more often than standing, try to stand in intervals as often as you can. 

Our metabolism will only continue to be slow if we don't do something about it. These simple techniques can increase our metabolism, having us feeling great with every day that comes to pass. Do what you have to do to take care of yourself! Your health is essential!

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