How To Tone Up Your Thighs & Calves

How To Tone Up Your Thighs & Calves

How To Tone Up Your Thighs & Calves

We all have things about ourselves we want to work on and make better. Getting your body into shape and toning up your muscles is a really important self-care. Having tone muscles sure looks good but it is extremely beneficial for the everyday things we do like walking, lifting, and working. Today we want to talk to you about how you can tone up your calves and thighs. You don’t really need a gym membership or any fancy equipment for the exercises we are about to share but you will need resistance bands and some type of stair or platform to step up onto.

Performing the exercises on the list below at least three times a week will produce good results. You can increase the number of days if you’d like to. Each exercise will be more beneficial if you do 10-15 reps in sets of threes before you move onto the next exercise. If your body can comfortably handle more than feel free to increase the number of sets and reps however it suits you best. If you’re just starting out then start at your own pace and work your way up. You can get thigh slimmers and tat trim cream to help you shed excess fat in your legs while building muscle.

  • Squats: This is one of the most popular and used exercises when it comes to tone up your calves and thighs. Squats not only help tone your calves and thighs but they will also help strengthen your butt, hips, and abs. You can do regular squats and if you want to up the ante you can wear weighted vests, add dumbells, or barbell weights. This will intensify the exercise adding fuel to the fire.
  • Lunges: There are variations to the regular lungs such as adding weights or doing the walking lunge. Either way, this exercise is going to target your thighs, butt, and abs. You will definitely feel the burn when doing lunges but the more often you do them the more you will be able to do for longer lengths of time.
  • Resistance Band Leg Presses: This exercise will work your butt, hamstring, and quad muscles. Using a resistance band adds resistance and pressure where without it there is less resistance. You can do the exercise while laying down or use a chair to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the exercise.
  • Step-Ups: This exercise is simple and the title says it all. You will basically be taking steps onto and off of a step or platform. You will work your thighs, hips, and butt. Start out with a lower platform and slowly increase the size so that you are taking a bigger step up. You could also do this workout the old fashioned way and find a good place with a lot of steps and take them up and down a few good times.
  • Speed Skater Jumps: You don’t have to be a speed skater to perform speed skater jumps. This exercise is also known as lateral jumps. All of your leg muscles will be engaged and you should know that this is a high-intensity exercise that can improve your lunging power and lunging ability. You’ll really feel like you’ve had a good workout after these exercises.

Stretches For Toned Calves & Thighs

Exercise is important for toned muscles but so stretch. As a bonus, we decided to share some great stretches you can do for your legs.

  • The Chair Pose is a yoga stretch and it will work those hips, ankles, and legs. It will help tone and also stretch your muscles.
  • The Seated Toe Touch will help stretch your thighs, calves, and shins.
  • Another great yoga stretch is the Downward Facing Dog and it will help stretch your whole entire body.

You can do all of the exercises on this list to create your own workout routine. I prefer to do my yoga stretches both before and after I get a good workout in. It is important to soothe and care for your muscles while you work them out. If your workouts are always intense you have to allow your body some cool downtime in order for them to repair and regenerate, as well as, keeping your muscles from being tense.  

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