Is There A Formula To Stay Motivated?

Is There A Formula To Stay Motivated?

Yes, there is a formula. 

Many of us have started a new fitness regime or program only to turn around and quit. Often, we stop because we’re bored, don’t enjoy it, or become impatient waiting for results.

Utilizing the tools or techniques below can help you remain motivated throughout your fitness journey.

Set Attainable Goals

When you begin any journey, it’s best to start with setting simple goals, then progress to longer-range goals. Keep in mind to keep your milestones realistic and achievable. When our goals are too ambitious, it is counterproductive, often leading to feeling frustrated and giving up.

Keep It Fun

If you prefer to work out at home, look for online videos and resources to keep you in the mood. Dancing, jogging, biking, and numerous other activities make excellent options. When you start a new fitness program, give it a week or two, and if you’re not feeling it, find something else instead.

Physical Activity Should Be Part of A Daily Routine

If you schedule your workouts the same way you would other important activities, it helps keep us from making excuses. Slip physical activity in throughout the day by taking stairs instead of the elevator, walking to the shop rather than driving, or taking a walk during your lunch break.

Every bit of physical activity adds up in the end. Suppose you work from home; in that case, take time to stretch, walk or get active however works best for you. 

Put It In Black & White

School taught us something from day one: writing and repetition help us remember and act. Writing down our goals provides us with a visual reminder of the accomplishments we’re trying to reach. 

As our journey proceeds, we should also write down the little achievements along the way. Keeping an exercise journal can help us work toward our goals, reminding us of our progress thus far.

“Teamwork Makes The Dream Work” ~ John C. Maxwell.

We don’t have to face fitness alone. Team up with friends, family, or co-workers. Enjoy outdoor physical activity with the kids or hit the gym with friends. You can encourage and motivate one another to keep up the excellent work.

Don’t Forget The Rewards

Rewards don’t always have to come in material form; they can be as small as reveling in the positive emotions you have from completing a fitness goal. Internal rewards allow us to make long-term commitments to regular exercise. Our brain and body become trained, and it craves those good feelings.

External rewards are also nice. Once you reach moderate or long-term goals, treat yourself to some new gear, a spa day, or whatever it is you enjoy indulging in.

Remain Flexible

Flexibility is different from slacking or laziness. For instance, suppose you’ve been too busy with work or the kids to work out; take a day or two off. If you NEED a break, go easy on yourself and take it. The important part is not allowing a couple of days to turn into a month because it can happen quickly.

What works for one person may not for another. This basic formula is the foundation for helping us keep ourselves motivated to reach our goals and stay fit. Everything we do matters!

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