It’s OK To Change The Strategy

It’s OK To Change The Strategy

There is no reason to be discouraged when a fitness plan isn’t giving you the desired results! We’re born to be different in many ways, including the strategies and approaches we take to exercise, routines, and methods. Sure, there’s a basic outline for exercising requirements for maintaining a healthy body, but what works for one doesn’t always work for another.

Changing your fitness plan isn’t something to feel wrong about. Rather, consider that making changes and adjustments to your workout regime is healthy and beneficial. 

We will always be learning new things throughout life and many things about ourselves along the way. It’s OK to learn as you progress throughout your fitness journey. 

Sometimes while learning what works, we stumble across what doesn’t.

Figure Out Why The Strategy Didn’t Work

Feeling as though we failed can feel terrible, but failure is only a bad thing when we refuse to learn from it. To be the change we wish to see, we must be honest with ourselves about what went wrong and why.

  1. Identify what your fitness goals are.
  2. Consider what the outcome was or wasn’t.
  3. Find out why whatever it was didn’t work.

Plan A New Approach To Fitness

It shouldn’t surprise us when we try the same thing repeatedly without positive results. It’s as if we often expect something different. Once you’ve tried a time or two, face the music and try something new.

Set Goals & Learn How To Reach Them

Someone who wants to get into shape but focuses on spending all their time at the gym on the treadmill will lose weight. Instead, part of their time should be spent on strength training. Knowing the right methods and techniques goes a long way.

Eating Healthy Is The Key

We tend to focus on eating fewer calories rather than eating the right kind of foods. Consuming fewer calories will only get us so far during our weight loss journey. However, adjusting our diet allows us to focus less on counting and more on eating the right things.

Combining healthy eating habits with weight training and cardio will benefit your body on many more levels. Incorporating various techniques will push us along further with more results.

Building Habits & Setting Goals

While some people achieve their fitness goals by setting goals, others should focus on building healthy fitness habits. Creating healthy habits that we follow consistently changes how our mind thinks and what the body craves. Whichever works best for you and provides positive fitness results is what you should go with.

Track Your Results

Take before, during, and after photos of yourself during your fitness journey. Use a journal of sorts to log regular entries about your achievements and goofs. What you track depends on your goals. For instance, log your weekly weight and regular calorie intake if you’re trying to lose weight by cutting calories.

What works for others isn’t always going to work the same for us. That is also true when it comes to something working for you once in the past, with no results in the future. Make the adjustments to your strategy that work for you. Give it a few weeks, and change things if you aren’t feeling and seeing results!


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