Not A Fan of Veggies? We Got Ya!

Not A Fan of Veggies? We Got Ya!

It’s easy for vegetable lovers to preach the importance and health benefits of eating them regularly. However, some folks despise most vegetables for various reasons.

While a plain helping of Brussel's sprouts may seem drab and flavorless, or maybe the texture is awkward, cooking vegetables in various ways can significantly increase their flavor and palatability and change the texture. 

Disliking some vegetables might be because of a specific gene that makes some compounds taste more bitter. This is why some vegetables don’t taste good. Since eating healthy is so important, we want to share ways to help you enjoy eating more veggies.

Tips & Techniques For Trying To Enjoy Eating Veggies

Add A Bit of Vegetables To Foods You Like

Incorporating vegetables into your diet can be as simple as adding tomatoes and lettuce to a sandwich, adding veggies to an omelet, or tossing up some stir-fry.

Cook For A Different Texture

Some of us don’t appreciate the texture of over-boiled mushy vegetables. Look for recipes that change the texture to something more your style. Oven-roasting, steaming, frying, and grilling vegetables can alter their texture and change their flavor.

Go For Frozen

Buying fresh produce only to toss it in the trash after a week of not using it can cause us to stray from buying any at all. While fresh is usually best, frozen will do the trick, and frozen veggies aren’t lacking nutrition.

Veggies For Breakfast

If spinach and tomatoes are off-putting on a breakfast menu, try adding smoothies to the menu. There are numerous smoothie recipes containing fruits and vegetables that taste incredible. If you have good recipes to follow, it’s likely you won’t even notice kale or carrot is blended in with the pineapple and strawberry.

Play Around With Flavors

Don’t be afraid to play around with flavor combinations for your vegetables. You may not appreciate swish chard stalks until you cook them with olive oil and garlic drizzle and top them with grated Parmesan cheese.

Snack Size

It can be a hassle trying to have a salad or stir-fry when we're on the go, especially if you’re in the car. Get some snack-size veggies like grape and cherry tomatoes, baby cucumbers, carrot sticks, and mushrooms.

Make Soup

Those who don’t love vegetables but enjoy soup will often eat soup with vegetables in it. If that sounds like you, eat more soup and add more veggies to them.

Vegetables contain essential nutrients our body needs for optimal physical health and well-being. If you’re not a fan of all veggies but like some of them, increase your intake of them and see if you can find other similar varieties to try out.

If you’re not the next best chef, that’s ok. Meal kits can provide instructions to teach you. Or hop online and see what videos you can find to guide you. Don’t let vegetables intimidate you or your palette; there are ways to find love for them.

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