Self-awareness Is Key…

Self-awareness Is Key…

Greater self-awareness is the key to becoming healthier, both physically and mentally. Even when we have the best intentions and motivation, we may unknowingly be retaining mental habits that will sabotage our progress; if we let it!

One of the first steps to reaching our wellness and fitness goals, along with addressing what we feed our body regularly, is to become more aware of the thoughts and emotions we feed our minds. There are different habits we can create or strengthen that will help us always stay accountable. Self-awareness leads to accountability!

Self-Awareness For Health & Fitness

Self-Honesty (Keep it real with ourselves)

It is essential to be completely honest with ourselves regularly, especially to promote change. We have to be honest about how our daily choices impact our health.

Need an idea? We’ll tell ya, but it must be done without judging our responses for this to work.

Make a list of healthy habits that support overall fitness (physical and mental). Then, make a second list of the unhealthy habits that make us feel poorly about ourselves or our decisions. The end result, seeing the choices we make in black and white, allows us to identify any habits we want to change.

Be Accountable

Becoming or being accountable helps solidify our benchmarks and allows our peers to offer encouragement and support along our fitness journey. Holding ourselves accountable to others can also help us stay responsible for ourselves.

Get Zen! Calm Your Mind!

Regularly practicing calming meditations can help us increase our levels of awareness. You don’t have to get any special equipment or gear; five minutes a day in a quiet location has benefits.

Many people believe that meditation helps builds self-love and acceptance. 

Stop Self-Sabotage

One of the main reasons people part ways with their fitness goals is self-defeating mental patterns, also known as self-sabotage. We all experience them at one time or another. You know, that voice that whispers words causing doubt like, “you’re never going to lose that much weight” or “you might as well give up; this will be so hard.”

You’re not alone. These thoughts are a natural resistance caused as a response to change. While the thoughts may be persistent, they’re also temporary and will fade into the distance. Before we know it, we hear positive thoughts cheering ourselves on.

While it’s easier for some than others to help stave off invasive chatter, it’s possible. Simply acknowledge the thought and actively reset your inner conversation by taking every negative thought as a reminder to swap it out with a positive one.

Look For The Good Things

Home, life, work, kids, or whatever they may be for an individual are responsibilities we juggle daily. Sometimes, we’re left with little room to find the good things; we should be using our sense of self-awareness to identify or remember the things that make us happy and then make more time to enjoy them. 

Ease up where it’s needed and batten down the hatches. Self-awareness is the key to reaching health and fitness goals and accomplishing many things in our lives.

Our mental and physical wellness should remain balanced, as our overall health rests on the foundation provided by our minds. Our mental state has an impact on our physical being. Increasing our self-awareness strengthens us at our core!

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