Waist Trainer vs. Waist Slimmer: What’s The Difference?

Waist Trainer vs. Waist Slimmer: What’s The Difference?

Many women want to get a tinier waist, but they’re confronted with two options: the waist slimmer sweat belts or waist trainers. But what option is best for you based on your diet, lifestyle, and body type? While waist trainers and waist slimmers look very similar and sound like they have similar purposes, we don’t recommend buying either one until you know the differences.

Both waist trainers and waist slimmers for women are meant to shape and contour your body while helping you lose inches on your waist. Since we are Body Maxx and our goal is to help women get curvier bodies that they’re more confident with, we take pride in providing both waist trainer and waist slimmer options for our fans.

So, if you’re wondering if what waist trainer or waist slimmer is best for you, lets talk about their similarities first:

Waist Trainer & Waist Slimmer Similarities

Women wear waist trainers and waist slimmers both for the reason of trimming fat along the waistline and getting curvier. Both waist trainers and slimmers are adjustable (although the waist slimmer is more adjustable than the waist trainer) and both could potentially be worn under your clothes. It’s common for women to wear both while working out or just walking around the house to maximize usage of their waist trainer or waist slimmer.

Waist Trainer Attributes

Our waist trainer is a great option for women who want to be able to wear clothes over their waist trainer all the time. The waist trainer is more slim than the waist trainer and less bulky, so it’s easier to wear clothes over it. Waist trainers, however, are not that easy to adjust compared to waist slimmers, so it’s very important that you choose your size correct on our website before buying. We have four sizes for women who want to get a small waist with a waist trainer: S, M, L, XL, so no matter your sizes, you are covered! Price wise, the waist trainer is more expensive than the waist slimmer due to the materials used. You can get our waist trainer for women here.

Waist Slimmer Attributes

We’ve been selling our waist slimmer for years now and it has 5 star reviews if you’re wondering. The waist slimmer is great in making you sweat around your midsection, causing you to lose fat in the area quickly. Compared to the waist trainer, the waist slimmer is very adjustable, so buying the right size isn’t as important. We have two sizes (small - medium and large - extra large) because the material allows it to work for all sizes of women. The waist slimmer is also more cost-friendly compared to the waist trainer, but that doesn’t mean it’s not as good! We recommend waist slimmer to women who want to wear it at home since it’s not good at wearing under clothes. You can get our waist slimmer here.        

If you’re still confused about which waist trimming option to buy, contact Booty Maxx today!

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