Why Am I Not Losing Weight

Why Am I Not Losing Weight

In theory, weight loss sounds relatively simple: you watch what you eat, get a good exercise in and enjoy your hot new body. Oftentimes, weight loss doesn’t seem that easy especially when you feel like you’re doing all the right things and you’re not seeing the results you should be seeing. Yes, when you’ve followed a diet to a T and you’re not dropping the pounds that you should it can be frustrating.

Whether you’ve reached a plateau or that number on the scale just refuses to go down here are some big reasons why you may not be losing weight:

You Are Not Eating Enough Food

If you are on a super restrictive or an elimination diet like the ones you see featured all over on social media, chances are you are not consuming enough calories. However, it’s important to keep in mind that food is fuel so if you are not consuming enough calories including healthy fats and protein that is needed to survive then you likely won’t lose much weight. When the body doesn’t get enough food it automatically goes into starvation mode for preservation. When this happens the metabolism dramatically decreases. To ensure that you are losing weight in the healthiest way possible you should be eating at least 1200 calories a day.

  1.    Your Workouts Aren’t Challenging

     If you’re going for a jog, a walk or a run on the treadmill every day you might be burning calories but after you stop exercising your metabolism quickly settles back to normal. Many experts recommend challenging your body by participating in high-intensity workouts that elevates your metabolism for several hours even after a workout. Such high-intensity workouts also help curb your appetite which can further to contribute to your weight loss efforts.

  1. Lack of Sleep

Believe it or not, an insufficient or a lack of sleep affects weight loss. Studies have shown that not getting enough sleep directly affects an individual’s heart since it increases the risk of diabetes and obesity. The average adult should be getting at least seven to eight hours of sleep daily.

  1. Drinking Sugar Drinks

That Starbucks drink you have every morning could be getting in the way of your weight loss efforts. It's easy to overlook drinks but they can be very high in calorie. Eliminating or limiting sugary drinks can enhance weight loss.

Also, it’s worth it to give an alternative weight loss products a try. Fat trimming cream can be helpful in reducing cellulite and fat in your problem areas such as the arms and the stomach.

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