Why Sweating Is Important

Why Sweating Is Important

Ready to bust a sweat? While sweating can be embarrassing especially in public settings according to health experts it’s actually an indication of good health. In fact, we have nearly four million sweat glands in our bodies which is capable of secreting about a liter of sweat a day. Yes, the sweat that our body produces has the power to strengthen the immune system as well as create healthy and glowing skin.

Understanding the Process Behind Sweating

Why do we sweat? The process may of perspiration sound quite simple. However, it’s a natural and essential process that the body and the skin use to regulate its temperature. When the body begins to heat up whether it’s from exercising, the temperature or even during stress the brain reacts by activating the sweat glands. The sweat glands which are located all over the body begins to seep through our pores which ultimately aids in lowering the body temperature.

Perspiration has numerous health benefits. So if you’re still having trouble embracing those sweaty palms check out a few of the top reasons why it’s important to perspire.

It Detoxifies the Body

Forget about juicing and expensive detoxing teas. Did you know that sweating is a natural and highly effective method of detoxification? When we perspire the body is being flushed of substances such as salt, cholesterol and even alcohol. It even rids the body of, toxins that over time can be harmful to the body which includes; arsenic, cadmium, mercury, and lead.

Sweating Helps Clears the Skin

Who doesn’t want clear and beautiful skin? Perspiration causes the pores to open and release the toxins from substances that have been put into the body. As a result, it unclogs the pores which remove dirt and dead skin. This helps to fight against acne and other skin blemishes. That’s why steam is often used in facial treatments.

Fights Against Infection and Bacteria

As previously mentioned, sweating boosts the immune system. Antimicrobial peptides which are produced by the sweat glands in the body serve as a natural antibiotic that’s difficult for viruses and infections to develop resistance too. It’s activated by the salty and slightly acidic sweat. Such positive peptides attract negatively charged bacteria. When it lodges into the bacteria membranes it breaks it down. Experts believe that natural antibiotics are the future of long term and effective treatment of viruses and infections.

Release Endorphins

Endorphins are the “feel good” hormones that provide an overall feeling of wellbeing and happiness. These hormones are typically released during exercise. Prolonged sweating after an intense workout session or even walking. Incorporating a Body Maxx  women’s sweat belt or men’s sweat belt can increase perspiration during physical activity. Exercise-related perspiration increases the release of feel-good hormones which ward off depression. Also, when the body begins to heat up, neurons are sent to the brain which improves an individual's mood.

Sweating can be inconveniencing when it happens outside the gym. Keep in mind that that perspiration can positively contribute to your health.


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