Women’s Arm Slimmer Reviews

Women’s Arm Slimmer Reviews

Tired of those bat wings? Arm flab which js excess fat located on the back of the arm can make a woman feel less confident especially when wearing form-fitting tops and when summer. Unfortunately, arm flab can be difficult to lose since spot reducing doesn’t work. If you’ve been searching for a solution that will make your arms look slimmer we’ve got you covered. My Body Maxx arm slimmers compresses arm fat and can help your arm look good in anything.

Check out what our customers are saying about our arm slimmers.

Tanya - Use When I’m Working Out

I wear my arm slimmers when I’m lifting weights. Its kind of like a waist trainer for the arms. When you sweat while working out it can help reduce fat in that area. I have noticed some results

Sarah P - I Bought To Wear Under My Clothes

A friend of mine actually told me about this product. I was tired if my arms looking super chunky in my clothes. Surprisingly they actually took a few inches off my arms and they look much better in my shirts and dresses.

Karen H- Definitely Surprised

I bought these arm slimmers on a whim. I was actually looking for a waist slimmer and I came across this. I decided to purchase it because I was curious to see if it really worked. To my surprise, it actually took a few inches off my bat wings!

Sierra- Stole Them From My Husband

My husband owns a pair of the men’s arm slimmers. I started using his while working out and I decided it was time to get my own. I didn’t know that My Body Maxx had designed slimmers specifically for women as well. Its well worth the cost! I’m getting the waist slimmer next,

Whitney -Nice Product

I’ve been a loyal My Body Maxx customer for a couple of years now. I get excited when I see new products on they're website. The arm slimmers intrigued me I wanted to see how effective they are. They did take a few inches off my arm so I think I will stick with them.

Ivy - Great Alternative

I’m getting lipo in the fall so I was hoping this would be a good alternative in the meantime. I thought it would be uncomfortable to wear all day but it feels like a second skin. Ever since I bought the arm slimmers I have been wearing them under everything.

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