5 Arm Slimmer Workouts

5 Arm Slimmer Workouts

Ridding your body of stubborn fat can be a challenge, especially when it’s stuck in a specific area such as your arms. The arms are a common problem area. Since it’s impossible to spot reduce, losing that extra arm fat can be tricky. Fortunately, you don’t have to be stuck looking for ways to cover your arms this summer.

Start With A Healthy Diet

Of course, whenever you are trying to lose fat you’ll have to focus on your nutrition. Eat a healthy and well-balanced diet is key to maximizing your weight loss efforts. Your meal plan should include lots of protein, vegetables, and whole grains. Focusing on getting your body in shape as a whole is essential for losing arm fat.

Exercises for Arm Flab

In order to get your arms into shape, you’ll need to tone them with an exercise routine that targets those specific muscle groups. The arms are made up of two main types of muscles which include; the biceps which are located in the front and the triceps which can be found at the back of the arm. These five arm slimming workouts can help you tone and eliminate those bat wings.

1.Towel Curls

Towel curls involve the biceps, chest and the muscles in the shoulders. This exercise doesn’t require any weights or extra exercise equipment.

Directions: Sit upright, using a towel you’ll need to loop it under the middle of your foot and hold the ends of the towel in each hand. Be sure to keep your arms tight and apply resistance to each side.

  1. Bicep Curls

Strength training is a surefire way to build up the muscles in your arm which will ultimately help tone them. Bicep curls with dumbbells at your side performed in three sets of 12 repetitions. Make sure you keep your elbows close to your side and bend your hands upward.

  1. Triceps Dips

This is a body weight exercise that mainly focuses on the back of the arms. Using a chair, place your palms on the sides of the chair and bend your knees. Press up and down bending your arms at the elbow only.

  1.  Pushups

Pushups are an easy and great way to work your triceps, dips, and the shoulders. Traditional pushups can do wonders, especially when performed properly.

  1. Overhead Shoulder Presses

Standing with a set of medium weight dumbbells in your hand, you’ll want to lift the weights with your palms facing forward. Slowly lower your hands until they are next to your shoulders.

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