5 Exercises To Tone Your Belly

5 Exercises To Tone Your Belly

Having a tone set of abs is something many people desire. Getting a nice set of toned abs or a six-pack seems like a lot of hard work but what it really comes down to is the right combination of exercises, dedication, and the right sort of motivation. It’s definitely going to take a little work but before you know it you’ll start seeing a difference. Any exercise you do usually has more than one set of muscles that it helps along the way so when you start working on your abs you will notice that your quads, hamstrings, and leg muscles will begin toning up as well.


All of the exercises on this list can be done without any special equipment and you can do them from the comfort of your own home. Enjoy some Netflix or whatever it is while you tone those abs and reach your better-body goals!


  • Bicycle Crunches: Crunches are one of the most popular go-to exercises for people trying to tone their abs. Bicycle crunches will work both the lower and upper abs, as well as, your hamstrings and quads. Three sets of twelve reps three times a week, increasing to three more sets each time will have your abs on their way to tone down.
      1. Lay on the floor with one leg extended so that it is straight out and the other leg bent with your knee towards your chest.
      2. Both feet should be raised up off of the floor and your hands should be placed behind your head.
      3. Alternate bending and extending your legs as if you are riding a bike. While you switch legs to make sure to rotate your elbows towards the bent knee which is where the crunch comes in.
  • Planks: There are so many ways to plank but the original plank form will work as a starting point. Planks help strengthen your core muscles. Aside from the original planks, you can do the side plank which is another great move for the abs.
      1. Begin on your hands and knees, lowering yourself down so that both of your elbows are on the floor directly under your shoulders.
      2. Extend your legs out as if you are going to be doing a push-up.
      3. Hold your body straight like a plank board squeezing your abs, legs, and glutes. Make sure you don’t raise your legs or sag down. Hold this pose for sixty seconds.
      4. You can break in between posing and then go for another sixty seconds. Three to five sets is a good place to start.
  • Reverse Crunch: This exercise works all of the muscles that make up your abdomen with the secondary muscles being the obliques and the rectus abdomen. Those muscles stabilize the spine and core.
      1. Lie down with your knees bent and place your hands under your glutes, palms down.
      2. Hold your feet up just above the surface of the ground with your toes pointed.
      3. In one quick and smooth motion bring your legs in toward the chest and push your feet up towards the ceiling. Lift your glutes off the floor. Repeat and hold for sixty seconds. Three sets of this exercise three times a week in combination with the other moves is sufficient. You can increase the amount as you feel comfortable.
  • Flutter Kicks: This move works the mid and lower abs and glutes. The secondary muscles it affects are the hip flexors, abductors, and quads. This means the entire lower body muscles are being activated and working towards getting toned.
      1. Lay down with your hands by your sides. Make sure your lower back is pressed flat against the floor.
      2. Keeping the core of your body tight, raise your legs slightly off the floor with your toes pointed.
      3. Raise one foot up and then the other as if you are making small quick kicks. 30-second repetitions of flutter kicks should be done. Do 10-15 sets with a break in between each thirty-second flutter.
  • Side Squat Reach: This move works your entire set of abs. Here’s a video to help you along with the exercise.


If you do this setlist of five exercises to get a toned belly three times a week you’ll start noticing your abs take shape in just a couple of weeks. Every person’s body is different so some people might not notice any changes for a month or so. Either way, you will start seeing the difference and feel good about reaching your better-body goals. 

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