Can Waist Slimmers Work For Plus-Size Women?

Can Waist Slimmers Work For Plus-Size Women?

Can Waist Slimmers Work For Plus-Size Women?

Our waist slimmers were created with plus-size women in mind. Some of our thick girls don’t want to be as thick as we are. Losing weight can be a struggle, seem overwhelming, and be flat out annoying sometimes if you want to be honest about it.  

Our Women’s Waist Slimming belt is available in sizes X Small to 3XL. They have a unique design and are created using high-quality neoprene material. This allows the fabric to be durable, breathable, and flexible. You don’t have to worry about your slimmer riding up or falling off, nor do you have to be concerned with it bunching up or pinching your skin. The innovative design of our women’s waist slimmer is sleek and can be worn underneath your clothing remaining rather unnoticeable. 

Tips On Wearing A Waist Slimmer

Our waist slimmer is created using a thermogenic material that enhances and promotes sweating. Sweating allows the body to release toxins and chemicals from our pores. It also releases excess water-weight and salts too. The weight loss isn’t exactly permanent but as long as you are getting enough of the right type of exercises the fat burned can be turned into muscles toned. 

  • Wear your women’s plus-size waist trainer for a minimum of 45-minutes a day. If you’ve never worn one before it might take some getting used to. You can start out with 45-minutes a day and then increase the amount of time you wear once you’ve adjusted. You can wear it around the house while you do chores, while dancing, working, and exercising. As long as you’re active the slimming belt will assist you in shedding some extra weight.
  • Be sure to order the proper size waist slimmer. If the slimming belt is too big it’s going to be difficult to keep it strapped properly and it will be pretty pointless. Our slimming belt has to be close enough to the body to increase the heat in order to promote sweating. If the waist slimmer is too tight it is going to be uncomfortable for sure. Not only will it be uncomfortable, but it can potentially cut off the circulation in your waistline and that’s not good. Measure your waistline, check our size chart, and start out with the proper size for you.
  • Wearing a waist slimmer is going to make you look slimmer while you work on actually becoming slimmer. It is like a sneak-peek of what changes you’re about to see unfold while you work on losing weight and getting in shape. Don’t forget to put in the work necessary to make the slimmer looking woman in the mirror become the slimmer woman.
  • Keeping your waist slimmer is going to be really important. A lot of us thicker women tend to sweat a little more than smaller women. This in itself is one reason to keep your slimmer clean but the fact that it increases how much we sweat is just an added need for cleanliness. Heat rashes, sweat bumps, and irritation can be frustrating and painful. Cleaning your waist slimmer or trainer is easy. 
  • Staying motivated is essential. It’s easy to get whisked away from working on our goals but in order to see your waist slimmer work you have to work it! You have to faithfully put on that waist slimmer for at least 45-minutes a day if you want to see results. Wear it for longer periods of time if you wish, it will only improve your possibilities.

More often than not, plus-size women want to slim down their waist and trim up the extra goodies we got holding on to us. Body Maxx’s women’s waist slimmer and other products were created with plus-size women and even men, who want to lose some weight and make some better body changes. If you don’t believe us, check out some of the before and after pictures left for us by satisfied plus-size women who have been successful!  

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