Can Walking Every Day Help You Lose Belly Fat

Can Walking Every Day Help You Lose Belly Fat

Ready to take that first step towards getting in shape? Walking can be a great way to get your feet wet with working out on a daily basis. Can it really help you lose belly fat and get rid of that bulge in your jeans? While a simple walking workout is often viewed as a less intense workout it can be especially good for internal fat burning that not only increases the size of your waistline but also increases your risk of heart disease and diabetes.

If you’re planning on walking your way to a flatter stomach you should know that there are two things you should know. First, you’ll need to walk fast enough to get your heart rate high enough to get your body in the fat burning zone. Second, it’s important to walk long enough for your body to burn stored fat rather than sugar that the body reserves for bursts of exercises.

Types of Walking for Effective for Fat Burning

There are several types of walking that can launch your body in fat burning mode so that you can lose that midsection which include:

Power Walking

Power walking also commonly referred to as speed walking involves walking steadily at high speed typically at 7 to 9 km/h. You’ll need to power walk for more than forty-five minutes to start burning fat from your body’s fat reserves.

Leisure Walk

If the idea of power walking sounds like too much, going for an easy and leisure walk can help you meet your fitness goals.

HIT Walking

HIT walking is a type of interval training that involves alternating been short periods of intense, brisk walking followed by a recovery period where you’ll walk slower. High-Intensity Interval Training can be applied to any mode of exercise and is a great way to get your body to quickly burn fat. 

How Often Should You Be Walking?

Fitness experts recommend walking at least an hour each day in order to lose fat. Consider splitting your workout into two thirty minute sessions if it’s better for you’re schedule. Walking 2.5 miles a day at a moderate pace will burn approximately two hundred calories. However, if you increase your pace and add an additional 2 miles you can burn at least three hundred calories in sixty minutes. To intensify your workouts consider wearing a waist training while walking. Wearing a waist slimmer during light exercise increases sweat production and can ultimately help slim down you’re mid-section.

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