Couples that waist train together Stay together

Couples that waist train together Stay together


You know that couple. The couple who are so in love that can’t seem to keep they're hands off each other for more then ten minutes. According to studies the key to strengthening your connection can be getting physical with each other on a regular basis— and that’s outside the bedroom. Yes, the couple that works out and waist train together are much more likely to stay together.


Healthy Competition

A little competition never hurt anybody. Healthy competition could be just what you and your partner needs to reignite the flames. Challenging your partner to see how long you both can go wearing your My Body Maxx waist trainer throughout the day or intensifying your workouts while wearing the waist trainer can be fun. Between working, raising the children and other obligations you don’t want the hustle and bustle of life to interfere with your relationship.


Confidence and Security

Waist training and working out together will ensure that you both are in good physical shape. While you are melting stomach fat you’re also helping eliminate any body related insecurities. Therefore, you and your partner will be so much more confidence. When both parties are confident in themselves it creates a peaceful and secure relationship.


Share A Common Goal

You’ll have a shared goal of shedding excess weight, getting a smaller waist and becoming overall healthier. Aiming for the same thing is bound to bring you and your partner closer. In relationships, it’s normal to have disagreements, differing viewpoints, and problems. However, it's the binding experience of being on the same page and prioritizing fitness that builds lasting relationships.


Builds Accountability

Thinking about skipping out on your workout and waist training routine today? I think not. Who better to hold you accountable to your fitness regimen than your partner?  In fact, you can hold each other accountable.Th e experts at Prevention Magazine found that more than ninety percent of the couples who worked out together was successful at sticking to they're plans and reaching they're goals. This is because they had each other to motivate and encourage. So if you're having a bad day or don’t feel like slipping your waist slimmer on allow your partner to encourage you.


Fun Trying New Things

It can be exciting for couples to try new thing together. Waist training is a new venture for a lot of men. My Body Maxx has designed waist slimmers specifically tailored for the male form. This allows couples to waist train together flooding the brain with feel-good chemicals.

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