Feeling The Colors

Feeling The Colors

In life, we set goals, have dreams, and there are things we want to achieve and accomplish. However, we don’t and won’t always feel good enough to advance, yet there will be days when we feel great about ourselves.

Are you familiar with the term “feeling blue”? When people feel blue, they generally feel down in response to disappointment, discouragement, and even grief. Emotions and colors seem to go hand-in-hand. For instance, the color yellow tends to evoke a feeling of happiness and cheer. We’ve seen people bring gift baskets full of yellow or neon yellow items to help cheer someone up.

The Color Gray

If you think about the color gray, it’s created from blending black and white. Meaning it is somewhere in the middle. There are always two ways to look at things, positive or negative. Gray clouds in the sky indicate rain, and they block out the beautiful yellow sun. Without enough sun, we can get depressed.

When someone’s skin is gray, it’s not a good thing. When it comes to emotions, the color gray can define feeling listless and drained. While the color gray can be calming and dispassionate, too much of it can be depressing.

The Color Lilac

Lilac is a shade of purple, and purple colors can have a wide variety of emotional and psychological effects. While some shades of purple can bring about feelings of calm and spirituality, lilac can represent feeling stuck.

Again, it’s more of a color created by blending two, which makes sense why it denotes feeling stuck and powerless for some. Remember, every color will be different for each individual. Maybe for you, lilac is something more positive.

The Color Pink

How could any neon color be anything but positive and bright? That being said, neon pink can bring inspiration and creativity. Perhaps that’s why back in the 80’s and early 90’s people who went to the gym could be found wearing neon-colored spandex and clothing.

Creativity comes in so many shapes and forms. When it comes to reaching our goals, sometimes we have to be creative about getting there. No money or time for a gym membership? Fill some half-gallons with sand or water and use them as weights

The Color Yellow

As I mentioned earlier, yellow can bring about happy feelings and emotions. Neon yellow is optimistic and cheerful. Honestly, many happy and positive emotions are associated with the color yellow.

The colors we wear, what we see, and what surrounds us can indeed impact our emotions and mental state. If your office space is drab and dull, that might shine through with your attitude and performance. However, if we add a little splash of color and brightness, it might change things up like you’d never believe.

The next time you’re feeling stuck, down, listless and drained, consider the colors surrounding you. It wouldn’t hurt anything to add a splash of neon yellow or pink. If anything, it could infiltrate your emotions with more positive and outgoing emotions. We all work hard to achieve the final results at the end of the tunnel. It isn’t always easy, and it’s not meant to be, but there is always something we can do to keep on keeping on.

I hope your days are full of bright colors that shine like the sun. If the color gray is favorable for you by chance, I hope many gray days are ahead.




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