How Does Water Weight Impact Weight Loss

How Does Water Weight Impact Weight Loss

There's no better feeling than stepping on the scale and discover that you’ve actually lost a few pounds. When you’re working towards a specific weight loss goal, discovering that your regimen is actually working only motivates you to keep pushing through. Of course, during your journey, you’ll experience fluctuations on the scale. Don’t fret, this is often contributed to water weight rather than actual fat loss.

What Exactly Is Water Weight?

Did you know ya water makes up sixty percent of our body weight? That’s why it’s typically it’s the first thing you lose when you begin making healthy lifestyle changes. You can lose about five pounds of water in a day. Keep in mind that as you shed water weight your body is being replenished through water through what we eat and drink. During the first few weeks on a calorie[restricted the diet your body quickly burns through the calories you are consuming and starts feeding off glycogen storage in the body which is bounded by water. When you burn through the glycogen you’re also losing the water that holds it in the body. 

Why Is It Harder To Lose Actual Fat?

On the contrary, actual fat loss can take some time. You’ll need to burn approximately 4,086 calories to lose a pound of fat. There are very few activities that could produce that level of burn. Our metabolism has a different way of doing business and it can vary in each person which is why it’s difficult to shed actual fat. It can be hard to determine just how much fat your losing compared to water weight. As a general rule of thumb, if you’re losing more than two to three pounds a week, chances are the rest of that weight is simply water weight. 

Does Losing Water Weight Really Count?

If your goal is to make permanent healthy lifestyle changes than the water weight you’ll lose does count towards your overall weight loss goals. However, if it’s a temporary change you’re going to see the weight come right back on. When you begin consuming fewer carbohydrates, you are changing the way your body’s makeup because it gets adapted to consuming fewer calories.

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