How To Hide Waist Trainer Under Your Clothes

How To Hide Waist Trainer Under Your Clothes

Love the smooth silhouette that your Body Maxx waist trainer gives you? Yes, waist trainers should be in everybody’s wardrobe. After all, they give you a killer figure, help improve your  form and encourages weight loss. However, sometimes it can be difficult to hide a waist trainer under your clothing which likely affects your outfit choices. This can be discouraging if you wear a waist trainer frequently. How can you make your waist trainer invisible under your clothes and still enjoy optimal results?

Avoid Low Rising and Tight Clothes

When wearing your waist cincher you’ll want to avoid low rising jeans or skirts. You run the risk of revealing your waist trainer when you maneuver the wrong way with low rise bottoms on. Select bottoms that sit higher on your waist as this type of style is more likely to mask the fact that you are wearing a cincher.

Tight and bodycon clothing items are also out of the question. Tight materials tend to hug the body which means it will outline the pattern of your woman waist trainer.

Be Selective With Fabrics

The fabric is perhaps the most important factor you’ll have to consider when trying to hide your waist trainer. Let’s be honest, most of the clothing items made these days are thin are so thin that you can see your undergarments under it. If you plan on wearing your waist trainer outside your home’s it’s best to select thicker fabrics.

Also, opt for clothes that feature embellishments and bold patterns. Yes, wearing clothes with frills, laces and other busy designs will mask the lines of the waist trainer.

Wear The Right Waist Trainer

There are so many different types of waist trainers. Finding one that is appropriate for your body type is essential. Every type of body can benefit from waist trainers including men.  At Body Maxx, we have specially designed men’s waist trainers that provide abdominal support and aids in burning fat. A waist trainer can create curves for slimmer figures and can help smooth and control the curves in fuller women.

Knowing your body type can help you determine what type of best cincher will best complement your body. An ill-fitted cincher that isn’t your right size is bound to show through your clothing. Be sure to measure the narrowest part of your waist which is typically a few inches up above the belly button. The garment that you purchase should match up with the sizing chart.

Opt For A Seamless Trainer

Seamless weight trainers are ideal for wearing under all types of clothing. Waist cinchers are designed in many different sizes and styles. Steel bone and waist trainers with hooks are popular because they are really effective for torso shaping. Although, thicker trainers are more efficient, opting for a slimmer waist cincher with a seamless design which can be just as effective.

Understandably, wearing a corset or a waist trainer in public can be a bit intimidating. There’s nothing worse than being worried that someone’s going to see your little secret.  Yet, when worn properly, a waist trainer can create a flawless figure that shines through your clothing.

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