How To Maintain Toned Thighs

How To Maintain Toned Thighs

So you’ve worked hard to transform your formerly flabby thighs into the toned sexy thighs that you always wanted to have. Now that you’re liking the way you're looking in your skirts and dresses it’s important to keep in mind that your work doesn’t just stop there. You’ll need to work just as hard to maintain your thighs by consistently training your body. If you don’t train your body regularly you can expect your legs to get bigger and your body fat to increase. 

Check out these important tips for maintaining your toned and sexy thighs. 

Perform Cardio Weekly

Of course, fat-blasting cardio should be a big part of your workout routine. In fact, you should be doing cardio at least three to five times a week. If you have a lean frame and you didn’t have to lose lots of excess fat to tone your thighs then you don’t have to do a lot of cardio. However, if you are maintaining significant weight loss than you’ll want to dedicate at least thirty to sixty minutes a day to some form of cardio. This will ensure that you’re burning enough calories to maintain your new figure and slim thighs. 

Switch Up Your Exercise Routine

\Continually challenge your lower body by trying different cardio exercises of varying intensities. Hiking trails, cycling, using the elliptical machine or using the stair climber are jus ta few fun exercises that you can do that are guaranteed to burn lots of calories. Make sure you choose an activity that you enjoy so that you’re more likely to stick with it. 

Use Weights

As you know, introducing weights to your workout routine is important. Before your cardio sessions, consider doing a warm-up of step-ups using dumbbells. Opt for a step that doesn’t bend your knees any more than ninety degrees. Try to do at least eight to twelve reps on each leg. 

Isolation Exercises Are Important

Don’t forget to add isolation exercises such as leg extensions and hamstring curls to your maintenance workout routine. Such exercises specifically target the back and front of your thighs. Not only does this increase calorie burning but it really challenges your legs which you need. 

Invest in Thigh Slimmers

You should have a pair of My Body Maxx thigh slimmers in your arsenal. These slimmers serve as an asset during your workout. These thigh slimmers increase thermogenic activity, increases sweat production and help you maintain the right form while working out this area. These thigh slimmers can ensure that your thighs remain toned and sexy.

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