How To Not Gain Weight During Christmas

How To Not Gain Weight During Christmas

It is almost inevitable. It has happened to each and every one of us at least once in our life. Christmas comes and with it comes all of the baked goods, special dishes, and multiple family meals. Honestly, we tend to crave carbs during the winter months and we all seem to give in at least just a little bit. Cakes, cookies, and pies Oh My! We don’t always put on a lot of extra weight, sometimes it is only a few pounds, even for those of us who try to eat healthy with our weight in mind. Believe us when we say that there are ways to avoid gaining weight during Christmas and they don’t all include avoiding the delicious food we enjoy.

Today we want to take some time and share with all of you the different things you can do to avoid gaining weight during the Christmas holiday. I myself come from a big family and this usually means we will be having multiple Christmas celebrations at different friends and family members’ houses. This can make it really hard to dodge those goodies. Even for those of us with few family members, the goodness is all around us and it can be difficult to say no! Let’s get started.

  1. Invest In A Waist Trainer: Both the men’s waist trainer and women’s waist trainer will help you stay fit during the holiday. They are engineered and designed to promote sweating which helps us lose excess weight. You can wear one around the house while you do chores, to the gym, and pretty much anywhere that you are active.
  2. Limit Yourself: Just because there are so many desserts and foods available doesn’t mean we have to enjoy them all at once or even in the same day. Make a goal for yourself and stick to it. If you know there’s going to be a lot of sweets limit yourself to a tiny amount of each or just have a few and save some for another time. You can always freeze your pie and reheat it another time.
  3. Detox: Detoxing before or after the Christmas holiday will help you stay at your normal weight. We invest a lot of sugar, grease, and fatty foods during the holiday season on top of the normal toxins and heavy metals we ingest throughout a day. Detoxing will help cleanse your entire body and keep those few extra pounds from sticking around.
  4. Stay Active: The winter holidays usually have us inside the house where it is nice and warm. The television is full of holiday movies both new and old and many of us try to keep things like the traditions of Christmas movies alive and well. It is important to limit how inactive you are and try to stay active. This will ensure you don’t gain any weight this Christmas. If by chance you overindulge then add some more active time to your schedule.
  5. Cheat Day: For those of us who try to stick to a healthy diet it can be hard to do so when the holiday comes around. If you choose your cheat days wisely during the holiday season then you should be just fine. If you have to rearrange your diet then so be it but trust us, reserving your cheat days for the holiday and the day after will keep you right where you want yourself.

It can be difficult to not gain any extra weight during the holiday season. We start with Thanksgiving and it isn’t long after that we are indulging in so many more amazing foods. Some of the foods we eat during Christmas are usually only consumed during this holiday, which is a part of what makes it so special. Family and/or friends come in from out of town bearing gifts of goodness filled with sugar, spice, and everything nice. If we are careful we can enjoy all of the delicious goodness all around. You can try all five of these tips to avoid gaining weight or just pick one or two. Either way, let us know how it turns out for you. Happy Holidays from our family to all of yours!

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