How To Speed Up Your Metabolism

How To Speed Up Your Metabolism


Are you having trouble losing those last few pounds? You may have inherited your mother’s slow metabolism but you’re definitely not stuck with it. Most of us know that the key to losing weight and staying fit lies in our metabolism. Believe it or not, you can boost up your metabolism and trick it into burning more calories efficiently. Of course, the faster you burn calories the pounds will seemingly melt off and it will be easier to maintain.


What Is Metabolism?

“Metabolism” is a word that gets thrown around often especially in regards to weight loss and fitness. What many people don’t know is that metabolism is a chemical reaction that helps keep the body alive and functioning well. It also works to convert the food and drink we consume into the energy that the body needs to function.


How can you speed up your metabolism so that you burn calories faster?


Eat More Protein

A high protein diet can greatly accelerate your metabolism. Protein can increase your metabolic rate by up to thirty-five percent.  In addition, protein suppresses the hunger hormone making the body feel fuller and replaces low-quality carbs. Also, protein boosts the muscle mass which also allows your body to burn more calories than normal.


High-Intensity Interval Workout

Want to continue to burn calories long after your workout is over? Interval training involves alternating bouts of intense and less intense exercises. Such periods of intensity causes a metabolic disturbance. It’s like lighting a fire to the metabolism that continues to burn and simmer once it’s over.


Weight Training

Weight training builds muscle and muscle experiences more metabolic activity than fat. Therefore, building muscle can ultimately aid in boosting metabolism. Bu building up your muscle mass you'll be able to decrease the metabolic decrease that gradually occurs.


Drink Green Tea Daily

Research has shown that gree. Tea can increase metabolism by five percent when drank regularly. In fact, a study revealed that consuming two to five cups a day can burn an extra fifty calories. Green tea which is low in calories contains EGCG which is a fat burning compound. It works to convert some of the stored fat in the build into free fatty acids. When this happens it boosts fat burning by ten to fifteen percent. Drinking green tea regularly can help prevent metabolic plateau which is essential for weight loss and maintenance.


Drink Lots of Cold Water

Throw away the sugary drinks pick up a cold bottle of water. Studies show that cold water can boost resting metabolism by 30-40%. When the water is cold, the body will have to heat which increases the calorie burning effect.


Fat Burning Creams

While fat burning creams do not directly increase the metabolism they loosen and dehydrate the layer of fat located right beneath the skin. As a result, metabolism begins to use this as fuel for energy. Body Maxx fat trim cream can provide a boost to your metabolism and help get rid of abdominal. For the best results, use with a women’s waist trainer or a men’s waist trainer.


Yes, by making simple lifestyle changes you can speed up your metabolism and improve your weight loss efforts.



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