How To Tighten Loose Skin On Your Stomach

How To Tighten Loose Skin On Your Stomach

So with hard work and dedication, you’ve managed to shed those unwanted pounds. No doubt, losing a significant amount of weight is not an easy feat and it’s a reason for celebration. The aftermath of weight loss is often welcomed with the excitement of being able to wear smaller clothes and the expectations of having a tight and defined body. But weight loss also comes with unexpected bodily changes like lo abdominal skin. Having loose skin on your tummy after losing weight can be frustrating and uncomfortable. What should you do next?

Why Do I have Loose Abdominal Skin?

Excess abdominal skin is typically linked to rapid weight loss which is why it’s most common for individuals who’ve undergone bariatric surgery. More than seventy percent of the individuals who have had a medical weight loss procedure performed are left with loose skin on the body. When you shed fat on rapidly, the skin doesn’t have enough time to gradually contract and this results in loose and hanging skin. 

Also, the likelihood of post-weight loss can be determined by the weight gain itself.  In fact, the skin has finite elasticity, so if you were severely overweight the skin won’t be able to fully shrink down to accommodate your new weight. In addition, your age and the quality of your skin are factors that will determine whether you’ll experience excess skin. 

How Can I Tighten Loose Skin Around My Stomach?

These days, many people are turning to cosmetic surgery to tighten excess skin on the stomach. Not only are such procedures risky because they are invasive but the average person can’t afford plastic surgery. In moderate cases, fat trimming cream can help tighten the loose skin. The body Maxx fat burning cream is a transdermal topical treatment that targets the layer of fat right beneath the skin. It reduces cellulite, tightens and improves the appearance of the skin. When used in a combination with a balanced diet it can be very effective. 

Of course, exercise plays a major role in eradicating loose skin. The more muscle you gain the tighter and firmer your skin will be. Therefore you’ll need to focus on exercises that specifically target the muscles in your midsection. Waist training throughout the day and during exercise can also be helpful. 

Don’t get discouraged. Tightening loose skin on your stomach may be a major challenge but it’s possible as long as you’re consistent.

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