How To Tone Your Arms Without Getting Bulky

How To Tone Your Arms Without Getting Bulky

Do you hate the sight of your flabby arms? A lot of women are hesitant to really working on their arms because they don’t want to gain too much muscle mass. Is it possible to tone your arms without looking like a bodybuilder? The key to shedding arm fat, and getting sexy well-toned arms that you can show off in all kinds of sleeveless tops are high repetition yet low weight resistance exercises. Yes, you’ll want to opt for lighter weight dumbells. 

Are you ready to start transforming your arms? Don’t let the fear of too much muscle gains keep you from implementing weight training. Check out these effective arm toning exercises:

Bicep Curls

You can start toning your arms by with bicep curls which will enhance your flex appeal. You can use weight training equipment such as dumbbells, barbells or resistance bands. Since the goal is to not build too much muscle mass you should opt for weights that are heavy enough to be challenging but light enough that you can easily do three sets of 12 to 15 reps on each arm. To perform bicep curls you should start by bending your elbows and bring the weight up to your shoulders. 

Tricep Dips

If you really want to whip your arms into shape, then you’ll need to include tricep dips you’ll need to include this exercise in your workout regimen. Start by sitting on a bench or chair. Be sure to keep your hands close to your hips, and your hips straight in front of the chair or bench and begin by bending your elbows no lower than a ninety-degree angle. Push your arms back up and perform at least 12-15 reps using whatever size weights you’re comfortable with. 

Concentration Curls

Concentration curls are another great way to eliminate arm fat because they target the biceps. You can start by sitting on a bench or chair and hold a dumbbell in one hand. Place the back of your upper arm on your inner thigh and extend the weight up toward your front shoulder than lower it back down. Switch the weight to the next hand and repeat the same motion. Do at least 12-15 reps.

When performing your arm exercises don’t forget to use the Body Maxx arm trimmers. Arm trimmers increase sweat production during your workout sessions which can further help you lose arm fat. Wear them during your arm workout sessions for fast results.

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