Losing Belly Fat - 5 Mistakes You Are Making

Losing Belly Fat - 5 Mistakes You Are Making

Having trouble getting rid of stubborn belly fat? You’re not alone.  Body fat contains two main types of cells receptors known as beta and alpha. Alpha receptors hinder fat burning and these fat cells are commonly found in the lower body such as the midsection. This makes difficult to shed fat belly fat. While regularly exercising and maintaining a balanced diet is the key to getting in shape there are some things that you may be doing wrong.

Not Eating Enough

Perhaps the biggest mistake you can make when trying to lose stubborn abdominal fat is not consuming enough food. A major misconception that people have when it comes to losing weight is that if they stop eating they will lose weight. Such a practice can lead to binge eating, it affects your energy levels and launches your body into starvation mode.

You’re Workouts Aren’t Intense Enough

When you’re dealing with stubborn belly fat you’ll need to activate the beta cell receptors which accelerates fat burning. The best way to do this is to induce your stress hormones specifically your adrenaline. Short intense workouts regimen that challenges your body can get your adrenaline pumping which leads to fat loss.

Sugar Intake Is Too High

Chances are that you are consuming much more sugar than you think you are. If your diet consists of flavored water, sweetened drinks, and sugary snacks. Even whole fruits and vegetables contain natural sugars that when consumed in high levels can cause weight gain. Some low-fat foods that may seem like a healthy option are also filled with high sugar content. Decreasing your overall carb intake can be beneficial in cutting down on belly fat.

You Haven’t Tried A Waist Slimmer

Getting rid of stubborn fat requires that you increase the blood flow to this specific area. Using a Body Maxx waist slimmer or waist trimmer can ensure proper blood flow to your midsection which mobilizes the fat. When combined with exercise you’ll find that a waist slimmer can be effective at getting rid of belly fat.

You’re Doing the Wrong Exercises

Believe it or not, an abdominal focused exercise regimen isn’t the key to banishing belly fat. It’s important to take a whole body approach to weight loss. High-intensity interval training is a great way to burn fat because it speeds up your heart rate and launches your metabolism into overdrive. Cardio is also effective.

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