Men VS Women Metabolism

Men VS Women Metabolism

If you’ve ever struggled with weight loss, then you’ve probably thought about your metabolism. It basically works like this: the higher it is, the more calories you tend to burn at rest, whereas a lower metabolic rate might lead to weight gain, despite consistent workouts and healthy eating. But the male metabolism works differently than the female metabolism.

Men tend to have a higher metabolism than women, but genes, body size, and age all play a role in how the body gains fat and loses muscle. Our experts answer common questions regarding why metabolism differs for men, how it can change over the years, and what types of foods or workouts either slow or boost metabolism as a whole.

How is metabolism for men different than for women?

Throughout research, experts have said that Men’s metabolism is designed for size, strength, and speed, “Men generally have more lean muscle mass, and men’s bodies burn through visceral fat reserves more quickly, using more of that energy for activity and saving less for periods of fasting.”

Men naturally have greater amounts of testosterone in their bodies, so that fact combined with less body fat and more muscle, in general, leads to a better metabolism—at least one that burns more calories.

In contrast, female bodies are genetically predisposed to store energy for certain activities, such as pregnancy and breastfeeding. That basically means women convert less of their dietary intake into muscle and bone, and burn less fat at baseline.

When men age, do their metabolism change?

According to experts, testosterone levels decrease with age. This makes men less metabolically active and leads to reduced muscle mass and a slower rate of burning calories. Naturally, that shift directly impacts weight loss—and that’s why it may seem harder to lose weight as you age.

Our metabolism is a major factor in weight loss.Our basal metabolic rate decreases with age and because of it, we tend to gain weight if we continue eating the same amount as we get older. Unfortunately, our metabolism drops a few times as we age, and we commonly see the first major drop in our mid-thirties. As a result, our energy levels drop, too. We tend to utilize less of our caloric intake as energy and store more of it as fat. Our lean muscle mass decreases, as does our strength and speed.

Both men and women sometimes get blue over disappointments, not only in weight control but other areas of their lives. Whenever you are feeling discouraged, visit online community members, moderators and professionals, It will help support you through the rough spots.The road to permanent weight control is a very personal journey. Individualized plans, tailor-made for either sex are fundamental.

But while we are all different, we all have the same goal, successful weight management. Whether or not you believe that "men are from Mars and women are from Venus," we can learn from one another and have some fun along the way.

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