No Gym? No Excuse, Girl!

No Gym? No Excuse, Girl!

There are so many excellent ways to reap the benefits of a gym without an actual gym! We're not referring to special equipment, either, although that's definitely a possibility. Being inventive and creative can make things interesting.

Utilize Your Resources

YouTube and other online media resources have tons of incredible workout videos you can follow along with for free. Libraries typically have a section on sports and exercise; why not check out the potential there? You don't NEED a gym to practice Zumba. The material is available if only you look for it.

Go Play At The Park

If you have kids or pets to take to the park, take advantage of the opportunity and get a workout in while you're there. Considering that playgrounds are literally obstacle courses, there isn't much of a reason that one couldn't work as a means of exercise. The monkey bars are great for pull-ups. Simply run the entire course or make use of what serves you.

Many parks have scenic trails if you're into jogging or walking. Cardio workouts are some of the best for overall fitness and health. Climbing to the top of the jungle gym and back down can be a fun way to work those glutes and thighs.

Partner Up

Find a fitness buddy and work out together if it's the company you prefer. This can be at a park, in your backyard, basement, or in a cornfield. That part doesn't matter so much. You can also get the family involved and get in shape together.

Chores Galore

Anyone who has spent hours dusting, mopping, vacuuming, and doing laundry knows that it's a bit of a workout. You can turn chores into a workout by adding a weighted vest, wristbands, ankle bands, and waist trainers. Why not kill two birds with one stone.

Adding weighted gear keeps your hands free while adding extra pounds. Waist trainers will keep your body aligned with good posture and promote sweating. You could use these same items at the park or while you're out for a run.

Be Inventive & Creative

Get creative and open your mind to the opportunities. If you don't have any dumbbells or a kettle ball for specific exercises, find something else that can do the trick or comes close. Half-gallon jugs filled with water add extra weight while doing arm curls.

Take advantage of any and all opportunities to swim. Swimming and walking give our entire body a workout. Gardening, hiking, and bike riding are excellent ways to enjoy a gym-free activity.

Getting into shape and maintaining our weight has to do with being active. There is no rule or law that states we have to work out in a gym with membership. Enjoy exercising from the comfort of your home or wherever works best for you, and don't bother others. The more excuses we make, the less likely we are to reach any personal goals we set. Step up, stay strong, stay motivated, and put your back into it!

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