Re-learn To Love Yourself

Re-learn To Love Yourself

It’s always easier to tell someone to love themselves than to explain how to achieve that goal. Self-love is crucial for many aspects of life, love, and the relationships we have with others and ourselves. Learning and regularly practicing the six steps we will share with you can help you gradually start loving yourself more each day.

Step 1: To Feel Pain & Take Responsibility For Our Feelings

To heal, we have to break through pain. We tend to run away from our emotions for reasons. Nobody wants to have an emotional breakdown while in the middle of a work shift, but that’s ok. The issue arises when we repress those feelings.

Ste 2: Move With The Intent To Learn

For substantial growth and self-love, we have to learn about our emotions, even those that cause pain or frustration. Eliminate all that is no longer necessary and validate what you need to. Understanding where the feeling comes from and what causes it makes room for growth, a place to fill with our new-found self-love.

Step 3: Explore Those False Beliefs

A “false belief” is a misconception that results from incorrect reasoning. We have to look within to see the views or opinions about ourselves based on misunderstanding or faulty thinking. If we allow the answers to come naturally, we’ll get a better understanding of what we’re thinking, causing the false beliefs. Now, we re-learn a better way!

Step 4: Start A Journal

Use a journal to jot down anything you did throughout the day that made you happy or feel good about yourself or your actions. Take time to consider any little thing about yourself that you love and why, then make a list to look over. These reminders are like stepping stones along the path of loving ourselves. It can also be beneficial to add things other people have mentioned they love about you.

Step 5: Acts of Love

All talk and no action don’t work with anyone, including ourselves. We have to show ourselves we care, just like we would show a friend or lover. During this point along the journey, we’ve opened up to our pain, transitioned into learning, rewired our thinking, and began writing it out. However small the act, do it for yourself. All the little things add up. Get the new glasses, and reward yourself with a tranquil trip to the park (whatever it is you’re into)!

Step 6: Check-In With Yourself

After the five steps have been traveled, it’s essential to touch base with our inner self to see how our emotions of pain, shame, and anger are healing. If things still hurt, travel around the self-love route again and dig deeper.

It may not seem like it now, but over time, we’ll discover that loving ourselves can improve many things in our life: our relationships, well-being, health, and self-esteem. Remember to always love yourself in all ways!

We can’t promise you that the road will be easy, but it’s a journey worth taking. Loving yourself opens up life on levels it’s difficult to comprehend unless you’ve experienced it. Give it a shot.


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