Should You Detox For The Holidays?

Should You Detox For The Holidays?

The winter holidays bring about family, friends, and all kinds of delicious foods. Often times, we tend to overindulge during the holidays and that’s totally normal. There are so many baked goods to be had and amazing meals to enjoy but there comes a time when enough is enough and too much is well... too much. It isn’t good to detox your body too much because it can deplete the vitamins and nourishment we need. There is such thing as overdoing it when it comes to detoxing just like anything else in this life. 

Some people want to know if they should detox for the holidays and we say yes! As we previously mentioned, you should only detox so often and in our humble opinion, it’s best to detox after all of the holiday feastings are done. If you took the time to detox after Thanksgiving then it’s a good idea to wait to do your detox until after the new year arrives. Trying to detox before the holidays isn’t a bad idea because it is going to clean out your system making room for all of the goodness you’re about to ingest but at the same time, it might be best to wait until after because there’s bound to be a lot of stuff that needs to be removed. Let’s take a look at the benefits of detoxing and then you can decide when is the right time for you.

  1. Eliminates Toxins & Heavy Metals: On a daily basis, we are all exposed to toxins and heavy metals. They can be found in the air we breathe, the food we eat, and even in the water, we drink. Toxins and various strains of bacteria are actually all over you and the skin you’re in. These toxins and metals can cause issues for our immune system, as well as, interrupting our body’s normal functioning. Our liver and kidneys end up working overtime to be rid of the waste so it’s nice to detox and give them a hand. 
  2. Boosts Our Energy Level: Especially after the holidays, we tend to feel tired and slightly sluggish. This is because we are taking in a lot of fatty food, as well as, a whole lot of sugar and carbs. Sugar and carbs can give us a rush or a quick boost of energy but then there is always the infamous crash and burn. Waiting to detox until after the holidays will help boost our energy levels and get us back up to par. We don’t always need the go-go juice, sometimes we need to be rid of what is no longer necessary.
  3. It Gives The Rest of Our Body A Little Vacation: We mentioned the heavy metals and toxins in number one. When we have those two things enter our system it is natural for our immune system to take action trying to fight off anything and everything that isn’t naturally supposed to be there. Detoxing will allow the liver, kidneys, immune system, and even our brain a tiny vacation from all of the extra work they endure during our holiday indulgence. Of course, the liver and kidneys are always operating to eliminate waste but by detoxing we help alleviate some of the burden.
  4. Eliminates Some Excess Weight Gain: After the holidays are over and all of the midnight treats and the big delicious meals have been had you might notice that you’ve put on a few extra pounds. Believe it or not, detoxing will help with that. Sometimes the weight gain is simply from being bloated and weighed down by so much sugar. You’ll notice those few extra pounds drop once you’ve fully detoxed. 
  5. Helps Clear Our Mind: We are pretty sure that at some point in time you’ve experienced a kind of brain fog after the holidays. This isn’t only due to all of the excitement, it also has to do with our body needing a good to cleanse. Our entire system inside is connected and when things slow down in our gut it leads to things slowing down all over including our brain. Once you do a full cleanse or detox you might notice that your brain function is fully restored minus the fog.

Whether you detox before or after the holidays is completely up to you. If you time your detoxing right then you should be able to do a small cleanse before the holidays and then a deep cleanse once the festivities have come to an end for the year. Our full body detox is jam-packed full of everything your body needs for a good cleansing. Go ahead and enjoy the cookies, pies, and whatever other tasty treats you love. It is good to eat mindfully but sometimes that evades us when the tables are lined with things we usually only have during the holidays. Happy Holidays from all of us to all of you! 

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