Shutting Down Myths About Waist Training

Shutting Down Myths About Waist Training

There are myths that surround waist training just like they surround any new fad, trend, diet, and workout-related topics - equipment- etc. Today we’re going to spend some time shutting down the myths about waist training and shine some light on the truths behind the debunking. 

If you look back in history you’ll see that waist training has been around since the 1800s. Corsets were worn by women who wanted a slender hourglass shape. If you compare the waist trainers from the 1800s through the 1960’s you’ll see some differences but today’s waist trainers are made using various fabrics, different styles, and some of the latest technology. There have been many changes and improvements all along the way. Let’s shut those myths down!

The Myths vs. The Truths

  1. Women’s Waist Trainers Are Very Uncomfortable: When it boils down to it, any time anything is worn the wrong way or in the wrong size there’s bound to be some sort of discomfort. Waist trainers can be slightly uncomfortable when you initially start wearing them but the same thing goes for a new pair of shoes. They need to be broke in and once that happens any discomfort usually goes away. Order the right size and wear your waist trainer snug but not too tight or too loose.
  2. They’re Only For Women: This might have rang true in the 1800s and even back in the ’60s but in the now, there are women’s and men’s waist trainers. Men’s waist trainers are going to be made a little differently from the women’s waist trainer but you can find a men’s section of waist trainers. Body Maxx and Booty Maxx both have men’s waist trainers available and they look good too.
  3. They Make You Lose Weight: Waist trainers don’t cause you to lose weight. They help shape your body naturally and the slim look is only temporary. If you want to see the weight loss you should be looking at sweat belts that look similar to a waist trainer. If you wear your waist trainer, eat a balanced diet, and exercise you will definitely lose weight but the waist trainer is only there to help shape your waistline.
  4. They’re Bad For Your Back: On the contrary my dear readers! Waist trainers, when worn properly, will help your posture improve. Not only can they improve your posture but they also offer support to your back. It might take a little time getting used to wearing a waist trainer while working out or even just around the house. With any change, it takes our body a little time to get used to it. The more you wear the waist trainer the better your posture becomes and the more comfortable it will be.
  5. Wearing One Weakens Your Core: No, no, no, no, no! This is wrong. The right size waist trainer paired with the right work out is going to strengthen your core. You just have to be sure you pick the right style and size and the waist trainer will work just fine. You also have to be sure you’re wearing the waist trainer right. You don’t want it to be too tight or too loose.
  6. They Don’t Offer Help Post-Pregnancy: Wearing a waist trainer post-pregnancy offers several benefits for moms. When worn properly and in the right size, women’s waist trainers can help any uterus swelling, holds your belly, takes up any loose skin, and provides support. That sounds like it helps more than it doesn’t.
  7. You’ll Eat Less: Some believe that the pressure in the abdomen area causes you to not feel hungry so you eat less and lose weight. However, this is false. Wearing a waist trainer isn’t going to make you eat fewer calories, lose weight, or eliminate hunger. You’ll still feel hungry and consume just as many calories whether you wear a trainer or not.

Don’t let the myths surrounding waist trainers cause you to shy away. Myths are like rumors and you can’t or shouldn’t believe those. If you take a little time to read some of the hundreds of reviews written by customers with verified purchases you’ll see that they work. Not only do waist trainers work but they work well. There are always misconceptions about things and if you look a little further into things you’ll find that there are a lot of myths that are just that, a myth. Hopefully, this will ease the minds and shut down the little myths and teach the truths! 

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