The Do’s & Don’ts When Using Fat Burning Cream

The Do’s & Don’ts When Using Fat Burning Cream

There are always do’s and don’ts when it comes to just about everything in life. Fat burning cream, also known as fat trimming cream is pretty amazing stuff. It is extremely easy to use and helps you lose weight and look good too. Fat burning cream can be used almost anywhere on your body. It promotes sweating which is the bigger part of how it helps you lose the excess weight you’re trying to shed. Let’s get down to business with the do’s and don’ts of using fat burning cream.

The Do’s

  • Rub On A Generous Amount: This product works best when you rub on a generous amount of it. Make sure to rub it in really good wherever you use it. There’s no need to be too sparing with it. 
  • Wear It Even If You’re Not Working Out: Fat burning cream is designed to make you sweat. It is activated through movement so even if you are just cleaning the house or doing the laundry it will be activated and work for you. 
  • Use It In Combination: Fat burning cream can be used on its own but it works even better when used in combination with other Body Maxx and Booty Maxx products. Waist trainers, waist shapers, and butt enhancement pills can all be used in combination for premium results.
  • Be Prepared To Sweat: That is the whole focus of the fat burning cream. You’re going to sweat and you’re going to sweat more than you normally would. If you’re sweating that means the product is working just as it should be. 
  • Give It Time: You aren’t going to see any results until it’s been a few weeks. The more often you use it and using it for an extended length of time is going to provide more maximum results. After using the fat burning cream for a few weeks you will start seeing some results and by three months or so the results are much more obvious.
  • The Don’ts

  • Don’t Wear It To Bed: Wearing the fat burning cream is going to prove a waste of product. We don’t move enough while we sleep for the cream to be activated so it isn’t going to do anything but possibly moisturize your skin. We say possibly because the fat burning cream will likely just end up wiping off on your clothing or bedding while you sleep.
  • Don’t Wear During Intense Workout: Unless you don’t naturally sweat very much even during intense workouts then it is wise to avoid wearing the fat burning cream before a super-intense exercise regime. Believe it or not, sweating too much can have somewhat of a negative impact on the body. This is because we lose water and salt while we sweat. Losing too much water and salt too rapidly can cause low levels of dehydration and require higher salt intake. This is especially true if it is happening on a daily basis.
  • Don’t Use Around Eyes: This cream can be used almost anywhere including the double-chin but it’s best to not use it around your eyes. You could risk getting cream in your eyes which isn’t a good thing. It contains healthy oils that might be hard to rinse out of your eyes not to mention it might burn a little bit, you never know.
  • Don’t Risk It: If by chance, you have an allergy to something in the oil and break out in splotches or hives don’t try to just push past that and wear it anyway. You don’t want to risk using something on your body like that just to use some fat burning cream. If you happen to be allergic the company offers other means to help you achieve your weight loss goals.
  • Don’t Rush It: It can’t be stressed enough that using fat burning cream is not going to provide immediate results. You have to give the product enough time before you’re going to see any results. Many who use it say that they start seeing results around the one month mark and that by the three month mark the results are much more obvious.

  • If you are new to using fat burning cream make sure you know the do’s and don’ts of it before you jump right in. If you have any questions reach out to customer support and they will help you the best they can. 

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