The Struggles of Having Big Thighs

The Struggles of Having Big Thighs

Do thick thighs really save lives? No doubt, having curves can be a blessing and a curse. There may be days you look in the mirror and admire how good you look while other times you might not feel so great about your body. Let’s be real, we all have one thing about our bodies that we would change if we could. For a lot of women it would be their  chunky thighs. Here are the top five struggles of having thick thighs:

  1. Chub Rub

 Chafing is real. While most girls are excited about shopping for shorts and sundresses in the summertime, you’re probably contemplating staying in leggings during the season. Perhaps the worst thing about having thunder thighs is that they're constantly in a contest to see which one can chafe the most.

  1. Ripped Pants

Tired of the tips developing at the seams of your pants between your thighs? There’s nothing more frustrating than paying forty bucks for a pair of jeans or yoga pant only for them to start to rip in the middle. Was that the 20th pair you threw in the trash this far this year?

  1. Can’t Figure Out Your Jean Size

If you have a big butt and thick thighs finding the right pair of jeans that fits right can be difficult. You might find yourself thinking that you can fit a pair of jeans and struggling to fit it over your butt, waist and thick thighs only to realize it won’t even pull up past your thighs.

  1. Cellulite

Although, being curvy is trendy these days cellulite isn’t. Having cottage cheese thighs can erode your self confidence. However, in order to get rid of that rippling effect on your inner thighs you’ll need to lose quite a bit of fat in that area.

  1. You hate wearing them out

Are you dreading wearing shorts and basically anything that shows off your legs? When your thighs spread like pancake batter when you sit down you’re constantly trying to hide them.

Ultimately, you should learn to love your body and accept you’re lovely curves for what they are. There’s nothing wrong with making improvements. If you want to tone and lose some of your thigh fat consider investing in the Body Maxx thigh slimmers.  Thigh slimmers compresses the fat in this area creating a smooth and slimmer appearance. You can wear them while working out to help you lose excess thigh fat.


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