Transform Your Arms With Arm Slimmers

Transform Your Arms With Arm Slimmers

Regardless of how we gracefully age or lose/gain weight there is stubborn flab that likes to stick around our arms. Waving become questionable and we start wearing shirts the conceal our arm fat. No worries, there are unique arm slimmers that can help with that.

Arm slimmers are designed to help you tone, firm, and define your arm muscles. They have the ability to help trim the fat around your arms while toning them up at the same time. Women’s and men’s arm slimmers are meant to make you sweat. This helps lose water weight and ultimately shed excess pounds in your arms. Slimmers can be worn over or under your clothes, it’s up to you. Either way you wear them it will produce the desired benefits. 

How They Work

  • The unique material and design are meant to increase your body temperature in order to intensify and increase sweating.
  • Slimmers will stimulate toning, defining, and firming your arms to give them the look and feel you’ve been searching for.
  • They are designed with adjustable straps so they fit sizes ranging from small to 6XL. So, as your arms slim down there’s no need to worry about purchasing a new size you can simply adjust it to fit your new size range.
  • Arm slimmers are made with durable yet adjustable material and they’re lightweight. They move with your body as you do your thing at the gym, home, and at work.

Here’s a little secret, (well maybe it’s not a secret) you can use fat trimming cream with your arm slimmers if you really wanna get the ball rolling. Just rub some fat burning cream on your arms before you put on the arm slimmer. This will allow more sweat while you’re active. 

Common Mistakes Made While Wearing Arm Slimmers

  • Wearing Them Too Tight: Arm slimmers are not meant to be strapped so tightly. When they’re worn too tight they cause discomfort and it also restricts the blood flow which can cause more harm that one would think. Make sure you strap them to fit you just right.
  • Wearing Them Too Loose: Wearing your arm bands too loosely will not produce any real results. Having them on too loose will not cause you to sweat which is what helps trim the excess fat. You have to have the slimmers adjusted to fit you just right.
  • Having Them On For Too Long: It isn’t good to try and wear your slimmers all day long. By all day I mean from the time you’re awake until you go to bed. They’re best worn while working out or for an average of 4-8 hours at a time. Your body needs time to breathe. 
  • Wearing Them To Bed: Arm slimmers don’t do all of the work. It’s not like wrinkle cream where you put it on before bed and wash it off in the morning. They’re meant to assist you in weight loss and toning not to work a magic spell to slim your arms while you sleep.
  • Not Washing Them Enough: You have to remember how much your arms are sweating while wearing arm slimmers. They should be washed after every use and if they aren’t they will begin to get funky and could potentially cause the risk of breakouts and rashes. Make sure they are fully dry before wearing them as well because the same problem could arise if they’re damp. 
  • Best Arm Exercises

    You may have a specific area of the arm you want to see toned but it’s good to give your whole arm a good work out. Here are some great arm exercises to help tone those arms up! You can see results in about three weeks if you work those arms three times a week. Each of these exercises should be done in 3 sets of 8-12 repetitions.

  • Push Ups: Push ups work your pectorals and your deltoids or shoulders. 
  • Overhead Extensions: This exercise works your shoulders, upper back, and triceps.
  • Bicep Curls: You can work out both your biceps and forearms with this exercise.
  • Dumbbell Curl & Press: Works your shoulders and biceps.
  • Dumbbell Kickback: This is great for the triceps.

  • If you want to see fast results use fat trimming cream, arm slimmers, and exercise all together when you can. One of the great things about arm slimmers is that you can wear them to work and get the benefits. Don’t limit yourself to simply the gym. Transform those arms into the arms of your dreams and you’ll be a happy camper. 

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