Want Bigger Arms - Here's How To Build Them

Want Bigger Arms - Here's How To Build Them

What does your dream body look like? Most men desire big chest muscles, sexy abs, and beefy triceps and biceps. While broad shoulders are impressive there’s nothing like strong big arms. After all, can you imagine the blast of confidence you’ll feel when you catch sight of your jacked arms in a sleeveless shirt this summer? If you’re on the journey to building strong and built arms? Here are some key things you should know. 

Common Mistakes You Should Avoid

If you’re a beginner to working out your first thought may be to pick up the five hundred pound deadlift or to do hundreds of curls. However, the biggest mistake you can make when building bigger arms is doing endless bicep and tricep curls. While this may be effective at an advanced level when training your muscles, in the beginning, it can be ineffective.  Here are a few additional mistakes you’ll want to avoid:

Overtraining Muscle - The muscles located in the arms are smaller. Therefore, you should never attempt to train them every day. In fact, muscles are able to grow faster when they have resting periods. 

Extensions and Curls - As a beginner, you’re the best bet will be to initially focus on free weight exercises like deadlifts to build up your overall muscle mass. Try using the Body Maxx arm slimmers during your arm workouts. The arm trimmers are made from a compression material that help induce sweat production and provides joint support during your sessions. 

Not Training Other Muscles - The goal is to create a proportionate look. Simply focusing on your biceps and triceps will get you out proportion and your arms will look bigger than the rest of your body.

Not Consuming Enough Food - You’ll never increase the size of your biceps if you underweight. It doesn’t matter how much weightlifting or bicep curls you do you’ll need to increase Fitness experts recommend gaining at 15 pounds for every inch you try to add to your arms.

How Exactly Do You Build Bigger Arms?

On your journey to building bigger and stronger arms you'll have to adjust how much calories you’re consuming. You should be eating more calories than you’re burning. If you have a smaller frame you should consume at least 3,000 calories daily especially if you have a fast metabolism. Be sure to eat four meals daily. 

Remember, strength is size. Gradually increase your squats to 300 pounds, bench press to 220 pounds, and your deadlifts to 400 pounds. This is the best way to increase your muscle mass. Track your progress by measuring your arms every two weeks. Be sure that you’re routine allows for time to rest. When you give your arms a break you’ll find that they grow faster.

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