What Are We (women) Doing Wrong?

What Are We (women) Doing Wrong?

More women are adding regular trips to the gym into their fitness regime. Many of us walk into the gym with a basic fitness plan and a routine. Some expect results in weeks, while others hit the weights day-in and day-out. Of course, some are doing things right with positive results.

Suppose you find yourself putting in your all without significant results. In that case, this is an excellent time to assess the workout routines you practice and see if there are mistakes in the way you’re doing things. No worries, you’re not alone, and this doesn’t ONLY happen to women. 

Not Pushing Enough Weight

Many women are nervous about becoming too muscular, and as a result, they tend to go for the least amount of weight. We’re not weaklings; we don’t have to start at a 1-pound dumbbell because the gym is new to us. Check and see how all the weights feel when you find something that causes a bit of resistance when you lift it, that’s likely your best starting weight.

We’re Unbalanced

One of the most common mistakes we make is focusing on a specific body part. Sure, that area gets a regular workout, but the rest of our body is left unattained. Not to mention, if we continue putting all of our focus on one area over a long period of time, it can gradually lead to an injury. 

It’s OK to add more focus on a specific body part, but be sure your whole body gets enough exercise too. Balance is necessary!

We Don’t Check Our Form Enough

There is a proper way to do things. We focus on the exercise or workout routine, but not our form or method. It’s crucial to concentrate on the way we’re performing sets of exercises. If you’re unsure, talk to an instructor or check into it on the web. 

Focusing On One Type of Workout

Cardio and strength training workouts are crucial for fitness. We're unbalanced if our sole focus is on one without the other. Cardio is beneficial for burning fat, while strength training helps our metabolism. Combining both types of workouts will give us results.

Where Is Our Post Workout Fuel?

It’s common to see men making protein drinks after their workout. While some women do the same, many skips this option of refueling. Protein helps replenish and rebuild our muscles. It’s essential to refuel our bodies when we’re done working out. It doesn’t have to be a protein shake; you could choose a protein bar or protein-filled foods.

Skipping The Warming Up & Cooling Down Process
The best fitness results are gained when strength training workouts are done while our heart rate is high. While women typically perform an adequate amount of warm-up exercises, it’s equally essential for us to allow our muscles to relax and cool down after a workout. Check out some coll down exercises if you need some ideas.

Having high standards is excellent for success throughout life in general. However, sometimes we set unrealistic goals that aren’t attainable, leading to failure. Failure doesn’t feel good, and it can add to the pressure of wanting to throw in the towel. Set small goals and reach them a little at a time. 

There’s nothing wrong with starting low and slow.

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