What Causes Excess Belly Fat In Women

What Causes Excess Belly Fat In Women

Do you hate the sight of your belly sticking out? Excess abdominal fat is a common problem for women. Not only is it frustrating but it can also erode on a woman’s self-confidence. Belly fat, clinically referred to as visceral fat can significantly increase your chances of developing health problems like diabetes, cardiovascular disease and even forms of cancer. 

When it comes to belly fat in women, it can be caused by a variety of factors. Here are four major reasons why you’ve gained some weight in your belly.


Yes, in some instances you can blame your genes on belly fat. A study conducted in  2010 that was published in the Journal of Obesity revealed that hereditary factors contribute greatly to the development of belly fat in women. It’s possible that your genetic makeup makes you predisposed to accumulating fat in your midsection. While you can reduce belly fat through dieting, waist training and exercise it may be impossible to get a flat belly if your genes promote fat storage in your belly.


Stress has a major impact on your body. Research has shown that women who are under lots of stress. Women who were found more susceptible to the effects of stress produce more of the hormone cortisol which is responsible for the accumulation of fat around the organs and the abdominal. Cortisol also slows down metabolism.

Hormonal Reasons

Hormonal changes especially those associated with menopause. When women start to go through menopause, she’ll experience a decrease in the amount of estrogen and other sex hormones that the female body naturally produces. Decreased estrogen can lead to increased belly fat. Also, menopauses switch up the location in which a woman stores fat. So if your body typically stores fat in the arms, legs, and thighs it will shift to the midsection when you begin going through menopause. 


How old are you? As you get older, your body no longer produces the same amount of DHEA (

dehydroepiandrosterone). According to Harvard Women’s Health Watch, a decline in the production of DHEA is closely linked to the accumulation of stomach fat. Also, as the body ages, the metabolism slows down significantly which means you won’t be able to burn fat as quickly. 

Are you ready to transform your body and get rid of abdominal fat? In addition, to a healthy diet, many women are turning to waist training to aid in reducing belly fat and shaping their bodies. Try the My Body Maxx waist slimmer to begin your weight loss journey.

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