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body maxx fat burning cream for belly fat fat trimming cream
body maxx fat burning cream for belly fat fat trimming cream
Fat Trim Cream

Fat Trim Cream

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    Fat Burning Cream (Thermogenic Cream)

    We pride ourselves on processing orders quickly, most orders ship the same business day that you place your order.

    Uniquely formulated to help reduce inches off stubborn areas. Body Maxx (Thermogenic) Trim Cream is infused with natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera and Coconut Oil. Not only will it help reduce the inches off the fatty problem areas fast, but it can also help repair dull, saggy, and overly stretched skin.

    Apply a generous amount of Fat Burning Cream to your desired area daily or as often as possible. Fat Trim Cream is activated with increased movement, or rapid movement such as working out, doing housework, or moving at a fast pace. For faster and best results use a Body Maxx Waist Trainer, Slimming Belt, Thigh, or Arm Slimmers.

    Fat Trim Cream Ingredients:   Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil, Jojoba Oil, Virgin Olive Oil, Vitamin E, Aloe Vera, Petroleum, Carnauba Wax, Fragrance.

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    Say goodbye to unwanted belly fat, back fat, arm fat, thigh fat, and more!

    Promotes Rapid Sweating

    Sweat off all of your excess fat with Fat Burning Cream. Our cream promotes sweating wherever it's applied.

    Easy To Use

    Use Fat Burning Cream at home, at the gym, or any other time you want to burn fat. This product is for both Men & Women!

    Maximize Your Workouts

    Fat Burning Cream becomes activated whenever you begin an activity. Simply walking can activate it or even lifting weights.

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    How To Use

    Apply Fat Burning Cream Before Your Workout

    Apply the thermogenic cream right before your workout and then once you start, you'll feel the sweat dripping quickly!

    Pair With Waist Trainer, Slimmer, Arm Slimmers, Etc.

    Pair the Fat Burning Cream with our other products, like our Waist Slimmer, Waist Trainer, Arm Slimmers, Thigh Wraps, and more!

    Enjoy Your Slimmer Body In Weeks!

    After a few weeks of consistent use, you'll immediately notice the difference in wherever you applied the cream.

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