Women's Plus Size Waist Slimmers & Waist Trainer Reviews & Testimonials

Women's Plus Size Waist Slimmers & Waist Trainer Reviews & Testimonials


Searching for a quality plus size waist slimmer or waist trimmer? No doubt, as a curvier woman finding a slimmer or waist trainer that can accommodate and enhance your figure can be a challenge. There’s nothing more frustrating than spending your money on a trainer that rolls up, bulges and doesn’t close all the way. Here at My Body Maxx, we’ve got you covered. We’ve created waist slimmers that are geared specifically towards the plus size body. Our plus size waist trainers and slimmers are designed to address the challenges that women have in finding a waist trainer that they can wear in the gym or throughout the day.


Is this the right product for you? See what our customers are saying:


Maria. - Great To Wear Under Clothes

Honestly, I just wanted something that I could wear under my clothes when I go to special events and this waist trainer served its purpose. It gave me a nice and smooth silhouette under my dresses.


Michele - Great For Working Out In

This is a great slimmer to use while working out. The band fits snugly it doesn’t pop off while I’m working out. I use it with My Body Maxx  trim cream before every workout and I have seen some progress.


Tasha - I Used the Waist Slimmer  After Surgery

I recently had the gastric sleeve surgery and my doctor suggested I eventually use a supportive band around my tummy during the healing process so I decided to grab the waist slimmer. It was just what I needed. I've lost about thirty pounds so I’m purchasing one in a smaller size today.


Sasha - I Wear It Around the House

I have to admit I don’t really work out as much as I should with my waist trainer on. However, I am a stay at home mom and I do wear it around the house every day for almost the whole day. I run errands, clean and take care of other house chores in it. I’ve also been eating clean so I can say that it has helped me shed some of my stomach fat.


Madison - I Wear It As Shapewear Too

Not only do I wear my waist trainer in the gym but it also doubles as shapewear for me. Sometimes I wear it to the office under my work clothes or when I’m going out to dinner with the hubby and it helps me look good in my outfits.


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